Jin Guowei


Resume of Jin Guowei


Name: Jin Guowei

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: March, 1967

Political Background: Member of the Communist Party of China

Education Background: Bachelor’s Degree, Master of Law

Current Official Position:

Deputy Mayor, the People’s Government of Dalian

Party Member


Previous Leadership Positions:

Deputy Chief Engineer, Dalian Bureau of Information Industry; Director, Management Center of Resource of Information; as well as Director, China International Software and Information Service Trade Center;

Deputy Director, Dalian Bureau of Information Industry;

Deputy Governor, the People’s Government of Ganjingzi District;

Member, CPC Working Committee of Dalian BEST City; as well as Deputy Director (bureau-level), Management Commission of Dalian BEST City;

Director, Dalian Economic and Information Technology Committee;

Secretary, CPC Working Committee of Dalian Hi-tech Zone; as well as Director, Management Commission of Dalian Hi-tech Zone;

Since January, 2018:

Deputy Mayor, the People’s Government of Dalian.


Current in Charge of: 
-Presiding over works related to industry-based economy, private economy, construction of the financial center, statistics, administration of port affairs, reform of state-owned enterprises, management of state-owned assets, promotion of domestic investment, economic cooperation, safe production,  construction of the international shipping center, intelligent city construction, operation of the power grid, protection of power supply facilities, e-government, precise poverty relief, crackdown against illegal fund-raising, as well as other works entrusted by the mayor;
-In charge of the Dalian Economic and Information Technology Committee (including Bureau of Small and Medium Enterprises, Office of Scientific and Technological Industry of National Defense, Equipment Office),  Bureau of Port Affairs, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, Administration of Industry and Commerce, Quality Inspection Bureau, Safe Works Bureau; Statistics Bureau, Financial Bureau, Economic Cooperation Office, Poverty Relief Office (Three Gorges Office), Emergency Disposal Office, Dalian Port Group, Dalian Airport Group, Group of Water Affairs, Anywide Group, Dalian International Cooperation (Group) Holdings Ltd., Bank of Dalian, Dalian Rural Commercial Bank, Huaxin Trust (Dalian); Datong Securities (Dalian), Aeon Life Insurance (Dalian);
-Acting as the liaison with Dalian Federation of Industry and Commerce, Bureau of Power Supply, Bureau of Telecommunications, Bureau of Railway Management, Bureau of Civil Aviation, Customs, Authority of Inspection and Quarantine of Goods, Bureau of Maritime Affairs, Bureau of Immigration Inspection, Bureau of Maritime Search and Rescue, Dalian central sub-branch of People’s Bank of China, Dalian office of China Banking Regulatory Commission, Dalian office of China Securities Regulatory Commission, Dalian office of China Insurance Regulatory Commission, Dalian Commodity Exchange, state- or province-affiliated financial institutions, branches established by non-local financial institutions in Dalian, foreign-funded financial institutions,  state- or province-affiliated enterprises;
-Responsible for CPC Party construction and the construction of the Party conduct and of an honest and clean government within the departments in charge. Responsible for the safety supervision of the above-mentioned governmental departments.