Xiao Shengfeng Gives a Lecture to Party Members on Party Building in Zhongshan District

In accordance with the provincial and municipal requirements for norminalization and institutionalization of the Party building studies, the Mayor and Party secretary Xiao Shengfeng came to the Party building studies station of Zhongshan District on June 25 to visit senior Party members and give a lecture on Party building to people in charge of streets in Zhongshan District and Party members of Linhai Community. The Municipal Secretary-General Luo Dongsheng attended the lecture.

Xiao Shengfeng first came to the home of Wang Dianjun, a senior Party member in Linhai Community to learn about his difficulties in life and living situation. Xiao Shengfeng askedcadres of streets and the community to take care of old Party members and cadres and solve difficulties for them.

In the meeting room of Linhai Community, Xiao Shengfeng in combination with his own experience and thinking gave a Party lecture with the theme of strengthening and regulating inner-Party life. The conduction of serious inner-Party life is a fine tradition and advantage of the Party. General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed that the standardization of inner-Party life needs to be more political, principled and applicable. It is important for Party members and cadres to grasp the connotation and essence of the general secretary and take the lead in being a qualified Party member in the new era.

Xiao Shengfeng pointed out the following requirements for inner-Party political life. The first is to stick to correct political direction, guide the Party members and cadres to safeguard the authority of the Party Central Committee, safeguard the unity of the Party, and strictly observe the political rules and disciplines. The second is to keep up with the pace of the times, listen to the voice of the times, discuss issues of the times, highlight the role of theory in inner-Party political life, adhere to being problem-oriented, pay close attention to content innovation, and highlight the leading role of Party members and cadres. The third is to deal with issues and problems in accordance with the Party's ideological, political and organizational principles, hold the great banner of Marxism, implement the democratic centralism, and protect the Party's lifeline and work line. The fourth is to carry out criticism and self-criticism with courage in correcting mistakes so as to make every Party member fight against bad conducts.

After the Party lecture, Xiao Shengfeng listened to the report on economic and social development, leadership transition of Zhongshan District, NPC and government. Mr. Xiao pointed out that it is important to thoroughly study and implement the important instructions on leadership transition of General Secretary Xi Jinping, fully implement the Central, provincial and municipal arrangement for leadership transition, strengthen the Party's leadership, carry forward democracy, deal with issues and problems in accordance with the political disciplines and rules, select the standing members and cadres with integrity, loyalty, sense of responsibility.

Xiao Shengfeng put forward the following requirements for Zhongshan District and Committee. The first is to give stable economic growth the top priority, strengthen economic coordination, strengthen the driving role of the troika to promote economic growth, and innovate on statistical management. The second is to further promote the supply-side structural reform, increase efforts in attracting investment, encourage innovation enterprises, and deepen the reform in key fields. The third is to vigorously optimize the business environment, deepen reform in administration, service and delegation of power to the lower levels, strengthen pre- supervision and post-supervision, and reduce administrative fees. The fourth is to enhance the management level of urban planning and construction, and conduct comprehensive rectification on urban environment to realize co-construction and co-management of cities. The fifth is to improve people's livelihood and earnestly maintain social harmony and stability.