To strongly push the comprehensive improvement of urban environment to a new level

Yesterday, Mayor Xiao Shengfeng held a special session to hear the overall work report during the inspection of central environmental departments and make work deployment for the next step. He stressed that governments at all levels should earnestly learn General-Secretary Xi Jinping’s spirit on ecological civilization construction, implement all the tasks entrusted by the central environmental inspection team, focus on the rectification of environmental protection problems and push the comprehensive improvement of urban environment to a new level.

Xiao Shengfeng noted that since the central environmental inspection team came to Liaoning, all regions and departments has fully implemented the decisions and deployment of provincial Party Committee and government, mobilized the masses to participate, highlight problem orientation, focus on both symptoms and root causes and improve long-term mechanism. Governments at all levels also conduct close cooperation, take powerful measures, promote environmental petition case handling work with unified thinking, practical work style, high-efficient rectification and rigorous testing standards, thus achieving notable results and gaining the appraisal of central inspection team.

Xiao made specific requirements for the next step, noting that all regions should fully conduct self-criticism and evaluation, conclude experience, identify problems, make a problem list, review rectification plan, ascertain the work deadline, resolve well the disputes and conflicts, enhance the education on environment protection, strengthen guidance through case education, insist on people orientation, strengthen environmental law enforcement and strictly punish the people who destroy the environment.

Xiao stressed that efforts should be made to take the inspection as an opportunity and conduct environmental pollution control, stick to the ecological bottom line of “blue sky, green tree, clear water and clean land”, continue to promote air and water pollution prevention and fully implement soil pollution control, carry out construction of long-term mechanism for environmental protection, and formulate the ecological environment construction plan in a scientific way. Relevant departments should realize full-process monitoring and supervision, so as to effectively solve the problems during the process of environmental governance and ecological protection.

Head of Changxingdao Administrative Committee Yang Guangzhi attended the meeting. Secretary General of Municipal Government Luo Dongsheng conveyed the spirit of handling well the work on central environmental supervision and summarized the overall situation of Dalian during the inspection.