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Yuan Keli


Leading Executive Work


He’s responsible for the routine work of municipal government, including such aspects as development and reform, planning, statistics, finance, revenue, human resources and social security, urbanization promotion, major project construction, institution efficiency construction, construction of the government by law, examination and approval reform, soft-environment construction, development of military-civilian integration, military installation protection, and the construction and reception of power infrastructure. His responsibility also includes the work assigned by the mayor.


He also takes charge of Dalian Development and Reform Commission (Price Bureau and Revitalization Office), Statistical Bureau, Finance Bureau, Local Taxation Bureau, Bureau of Human Resources and Social Service (Bureau of Civil Servants, Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs), Office of Legislation Affairs, Entrepreneurship Promotion Commission, Public Administration Service Center, Development Research Center, Reception Office, Arbitration Commission and School of Administration. He also assists the Mayor in charge of Editorial Office, Supervision Bureau and Auditing Bureau.


He is in charge of contacting Municipal People’s Congress, Municipal Political Consultative Conference, all democratic parties, Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, Commissioner Office of Ministry of Finance in Dalian and national tax.


He is in charge of Party building and the building of Party’s style and of a clean government, as well as security control work.