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Luo Dongsheng

Luo is responsible for the daily work of the municipal government and presides over the overall work of the municipal government office. In addition, Luo is in charge of urban construction and management, publicity of government affairs and news release, and handles work assigned by the mayor.


Luo supervises the Municipal Construction Commission, Bureau of Land and Housing, Environmental Protection Bureau, Planning Bureau, Urban Construction Bureau, Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau, Transportation Bureau, Bureau of Civil Defense, Seismological Bureau, Postal Administrative, Land Reserve Center, Xinghai Bay Development and Construction Management Center, Housing Fund Management Center, the Municipal Research Office, Supervision and Inspection Office of Municipal Government, the Representative Office of Dalian Government in Beijing, the Representative Office of Dalian Government in Shenyang, Diamond Bay Planning and Construction Office, Donggang Business District Development and Construction Management Co., Ltd., the New Airport Business area Construction Management Co., Ltd., Metro Group and Urban Construction Group. Luo is also responsible for the construction of a clean and honest administration and the supervision on security of these departments.