Wen Xueqiong




Resume of Wen Xueqiong


Name: Wen Xueqiong

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: February, 1967

Political Background: Member of the Revolutionary Committee of the Chinese Kuomintang

Education Background: Master’s Degree, Master of History, Master of Business Administration

Professional Title: Vice Professor

Current Official Positions:

Chairwoman,  Liaoning Committee of the Revolutionary Committee of the Chinese Kuomintang

Deputy Mayor, the People’s Government of Dalian


Previous Leadership Positions:

-Director, Scientific Research Office of CPC Party School of Huludao City; Deputy Chairwoman, Huludao Association of Science and Technology; Deputy Director, Huludao Office of Financial Works;

-Vice Director, Liaoning Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security; 

-Deputy mayor, the People’s Government of Benxi;

-Deputy Secretary-General, Standing Committee of National People’s Congress of Liaoning Province;

-Chairwoman, the Chinese Kuomintang Committee of Huludao City; Chairwoman, the Chinese Kuomintang Committee of Benxi City; Vice Chairwoman, Chinese Kuomintang Committee of Liaoning Province;

-Member, the national committee of the 12th session of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference;

-Member, Standing Committee of the 13th session of Central Committee of Chinese Kuomintang;

-Member, the 10th, 11th, 12th session of Central Committee of Chinese Kuomintang;

-Member, Standing Committee of the 9th, 10th session of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference of Liaoning Province;

-Vice Chairwoman, the 9th, 10th All-China Youth Federation of Liaoning Province;


Current in Charge of:

-Presiding over works related to culture, education, public health, family planning, food & drug safety, development of health industries, radio, film & television, press & publication, sports, nationalities affairs, religious affairs, local chronicles, as well as works entrusted by the mayor;

-Responsible for management of affairs related to Education Bureau, Commission of Nationalities Affairs (Bureau of Religions), Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Television (Bureau of Press and Publication; Copyright Office; Bureau of Cultural and Historical Relics), Bureau of Public Health and Family Planning, Sports Bureau, Food and Drug Administration (Dalian Port Food and Drug Administration), Office of Local Chronicles, Patriotic Health Campaign Committee Office, Red Cross Society, Dalian Publishing House, Dalian University, Dalian Vocational & Technical College, Dalian Education University, Dalian Radio & Television University;

-Acting as the liaison with Dalian Bureau of Archives, Committee of Communist Youth League of Dalian (Office of Youth Education), Dalian Women's Federation, Dalian Association of Social Sciences, Dalian Literary Federation, as well as the state-affiliated or provincial colleges, universities in Dalian;

-Responsible for CPC Party construction and the construction of the Party conduct and of an honest and clean government within the departments in charge. Responsible for the safety supervision of the above-mentioned governmental departments