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Wen Xueqiong



Main Responsibilities


In charge of culture, education, health care, family planning, food and drug safety, the development of health industry, radio, film and television, news publication, sports, ethnic groups, religion, historiography and so on. Wen also handles work assigned by the mayor.


Wen supervises the Municipal Bureau of Education, Committee of Minorities, Administration of Press, Publication and Copyright, Cultural Relics Bureau, Health and Family Planning Commission, Sports Bureau, Food and Drug Supervision Administration, Office of Chronicles, Patriotic Health Campaign Committee Office, Red Cross, Dalian Press, Dalian University, Dalian Vocational Technical College, Dalian Institute of Education and Dalian Radio and TV University.


Wen is in liaison with Dalian Archives Bureau, Dalian Women's Federation, Dalian Social Sciences Association, Dalian Literary Federation and universities and colleges under the control of the Central Committee and Liaoning Province, and is responsible for the construction of a clean and honest administration and supervision on the security of these departments.