Tan Chengxu Issues “Honorary Citizen of Dalian” Certificate to Gipaolo Niliso

Tan Chengxu issues “Honorary Citizen of Dalian” certificate to Gipaolo Niliso


Yesterday evening, in the VIP room of the municipal government, Mayor Tan Chengxu handed over the certificate and badge of “Honorary Citizen of Dalian” and a “golden key” symbolizing the opening of the door of friendship to Gipaolo Niliso, CEO of Italy’s Fulema Company, to thank him for his contributions to the economic and social development and opening up of Dalian. Gipaulo Niliso wrote this line in his honorary citizen’s guestbook— Dalian is my second beautiful hometown.


Founded in 1950, Fulema is a world-renowned enterprise in the field of life sciences, mainly engaged in the research and development and production of pharmaceutical intermediates. Tan Chengxu congratulates Gipaolo Niliso on becoming the 145th Honorary Citizen and the first Italian Honorary Citizen of our city. He said that Mr. Gipaolo Niliso actively promoted the practical cooperation between his company and Dalian, and successively invested in the establishment of Dalian Fugleman Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and Fulema Hongkai (Dalian) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. “Dalian Honorary Citizen” is the highest honor bestowed by the Dalian municipal government on foreign friends who are friendly to China and have made outstanding contributions to promoting exchanges and cooperation between Dalian and other countries. It is hoped that Mr. Gipaolo Niliso will actively contribute to the high-quality development of Dalian, further publicize and promote Dalian, and promote exchanges and cooperation between the Italian industrial and commercial circles and Dalian.


Gipaulo Niliso thanked the Dalian municipal government for the honor. He said: “Dalian is an open, inclusive and dynamic city and as an ‘Honorary Citizen of Dalian’, I will actively promote the in-depth cooperation between Fulema and Dalian and make greater contributions to the construction and development of Dalian.” 


Liu Xiaobin, deputy director of the Standing Committee of Dalian Municipal People’s Congress, and Yi Qingtao, secretary general of the People’s Government of Dalian, attended the ceremony.