Tan Chengxu Visits Some Japanese and Korean Enterprises

According to the arrangement of educational research on the theme of " To remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind", following the special investigation on July 6 to comprehensively deepen the exchanges and cooperation between our city and Japan and South Korea, Mayor Tan Chengxu came to Jinpu New District yesterday to visit and investigate some Japanese-and South Korean-funded enterprises, to learn about their production and operation situation and the difficulties they are facing on the spot, to solicit opinions and suggestions on our city's "deep cultivation of Japan and South Korea" work, and to push our city's exchanges and cooperation with Japan and South Korea to a new level. He stressed that opening up is Dalian's greatest advantage. Dalian has achieved great development through opening up and will continue to win the future through opening up. We will continue to optimize the business environment, accelerate the development of a higher level of open economy, and create more room for development for various market players including Japanese-funded and Korean-funded enterprises.


Tan Chengxu first came to Dalian Modern LCD Company, walked into the production workshop, watched the video demonstration, learned about the production process and market sales of the products, and had a cordial conversation with Huang Shandao, head of the company's South Korean side, to encourage enterprises to further increase their market share and continuously improve their operating efficiency. In Japan Electric Power (Dalian) Co., Ltd., Tan Chengxu came to the research and development center, laboratory and production workshop of the enterprise to listen to the introduction of the company's general manager, 50 Lan Yishi, on the research and development of the enterprise technology, hoping that the enterprise will accelerate the technological upgrading to seize the market with more competitive products. Tan Chengxu also came to Canon Dalian Office Equipment Co., Ltd. to inspect the operation of the production line on the spot, and hosted a symposium at the company. he had in-depth communication with the company's general manager keiichi Kaneko and other senior Japanese management personnel, asking in detail what difficulties the company still has in its development and what help it needs. He asked the relevant departments to carefully sort out and study the problems and demands reflected by the company and help the company to solve practical difficulties, especially the common problems that currently exist as soon as possible.


Tan Chengxu said that since the reform and opening up, a large number of Japanese-funded and Korean-funded enterprises have participated in and promoted the growth and development of Dalian, which has become an important engine for Dalian's economic growth, an important support for adjusting the industrial structure and an important subject for promoting scientific and technological innovation. Tan Chengxu said that strengthening practical cooperation with Japan and South Korea is an important starting point for Dalian's all-round opening up. The Provincial People's Government has successively issued "Implementation Opinions on Fully Deepening the Exchange and Cooperation between Liaoning Province and Japan" and "Implementation Opinions on Fully Deepening the Exchange and Cooperation between Liaoning Province and South Korea". Dalian is speeding up the formulation of relevant plans. We will focus on reducing taxes and fees, further optimize the business environment and help foreign-funded enterprises develop. We will always take service enterprises as the focus of our work. We will ask the government and the enterprises for help in solving practical difficulties, protect the legitimate rights and interests of foreign-funded enterprises and their investors in Dalian in accordance with the law, and create a better environment for the sustained and healthy development of enterprises.


Tan Chengxu hopes that the majority of Japanese-funded and Korean-funded enterprises will strengthen their confidence and seize the opportunity to further expand the scale of investment in Dalian. At the same time, they will actively publicize and promote Dalian, attracting more partners and supporting enterprises to invest in the development of Dalian and realize mutual benefit and win-win.


Li Pengyu, member of CPC Standing Committee of Dalian and director of the Jinpu New District Administrative Committee, participated in the research.