Tan Chengxu Carried out a Special Education Research on " To remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind"

According to the arrangement of educational research on the theme of "To remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind ", yesterday, Tan Chengxu, deputy secretary of CPC Committee of Dalian and mayor, conducted a special research on comprehensively deepening the exchanges and cooperation between Dalian, Japan and South Korea, and held a symposium to solve practical problems and scientifically plan future work in combination with revitalization and development practice of Dalian. Deputy mayor Jin Guowei and Yi Qingtao, secretary general of the People's Government of Dalian, participated in the research.


Dalian, Japan and South Korea are geographically close and have similar business ties. How to give full play to Dalian's advantages in policy, location, resources, industry and talents, to expand economic and trade cooperation as the main axis, to deepen exchanges in friendly cities, culture, science and technology, education, tourism and other support, to carry out all-round, multi-field and deep-level exchanges and cooperation with Japan and South Korea has become the theme of the symposium. Officials from Dalian Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the Foreign Affairs Office, Ministry of Information,Cultural AffairsandTourism, the CCPIT, the Cooperation and Exchange Center of Dalian Municipal People's Government, the representative offices of Japan and South Korea, and officials from relevant offices spoke one after another. They were problem-oriented and goal-oriented, looking for gaps in comparison with advanced regions, finding deficiencies around the actual work, and putting forward opinions and suggestions on comprehensively deepening exchanges and cooperation between Dalian, Japan and South Korea. Tan Chengxu listened carefully and asked in detail. Together with everyone, he focused on the contradictory problem of "pulse consultation" and "prescribed medicine for the weak points of the short board". "Know Your Own Friend and Know Yourself", "Accurate Docking", "Task Book", "Road Map" ... These are the words that appear frequently in Tan Chengxu's speech. At the forum, the reporters felt the "strict and meticulous" working style of government departments.


Tan Chengxu fully affirmed the work of the relevant departments, pointing out that a comprehensive deep cultivation of the Japanese and Korean markets is of strategic significance to Dalian's high-quality development and must be carried out firmly, continuously and intensively. We should clearly recognize the problems and shortcomings in the exchange and cooperation with Japan and South Korea, carefully find out the gaps in ideology, work style, working methods and work promotion, further strengthen the awareness of hardship, responsibility and catching up with others, persist in daring to think, dare to break through, dare to stand up, dare to try and break through, identify the "key points", seize the " main contradiction", deepen the key industrial areas of cooperation, build the key areas of cooperation, promote the platform construction of cooperation, enhance the level of economic and trade cooperation, strengthen the cultural exchanges in various fields, strengthen the work guarantee of exchange and cooperation, and do a solid job in the big article of " Deep Cultivation of Japan and South Korea".


Tan Chengxu stressed that it is necessary to further improve the "Deep Cultivation of Japan and South Korea" system and mechanism, establish and improve the top-level design of the leadership system, and establish a coordination mechanism for exchanges and cooperation with Japan and South Korea. Breaking the rules, defining the functional orientation, reconstructing the internal process and forming an organic whole with close ties and complementary advantages. We should highlight the focus of our work, further define the key areas and key industrial areas for the cooperation with Japan and South Korea, and take the initiative to take the lead and implement policies accurately. It is necessary to scientifically formulate the short-,medium-and long-term plans for "deep cultivation of Japan and South Korea", clearly define the objectives, refine the measures, further improve the execution of the work, enhance the driving force of the work, and ensure that our exchanges and cooperation with Japan and South Korea have achieved real results.