Tan Chengxu Hosts Dalian Cadre Talent Education and Learning Meeting
On June 26, Tan Chengxu, deputy secretary of CPC Committee of Dalian and mayor, hosted an education and study meeting on the theme of "Remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind" in the cadre and talent base of Dalian. He asked the cadre and talent in our city to set up a scale for Do not forget your initiative mind, shoulder the responsibility of remembering mission, be brave to take on the responsibility of doing things, and gather strength to assist with the aid, embody the excellent style in the border areas, print the true feelings in the border areas, and continue to push the various tasks of assisting Xinjiang to bear fruit. Zhao Daguang, member of CPC Standing Committee of Dalian and minister of organization, attended the meeting.
Tan Chengxu pointed out that General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech at the "Do not forget your initiative mind, Remember Mission" thematic education work conference is the fundamental guideline for thematic education and a programmatic document for strengthening party building in the new era. Cadres in our city who assist Xinjiang should take thematic education as an opportunity to refine their pursuit of faith and transform it into the ideological consciousness of firmly establishing "Four Consciousnesses", firmly establishing "Four Self-confidence" and realizing "Two Maintenance". Reinforce and stimulate the firm adherence rooted in the heart, and transform it into the action consciousness of implementing the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on Xinjiang work. The effectiveness of learning and education should be reflected in the work, and efforts should be made to create a new situation of industrial aid to Xinjiang, science and education aid to Xinjiang, talent aid to Xinjiang, national unity and grass-roots construction with the spirit of loyalty and dedication and action of taking responsibility.
Tan Chengxu stressed that the cadres in our city were the "emissaries" of the aid work in Xinjiang and the "emergency units" fighting in the first line of aid work in Xinjiang. We should always keep in mind the initial heart of aid work in Xinjiang, grasp the focus of aid work in Xinjiang, and uphold the perseverance of doing a good job in aid work in Xinjiang.
According to the poverty alleviation cooperation agreement between the two places, specific assistance projects and training of cadres and talents will be implemented, the long-term mechanism of exchange visits between the two sides will be further improved and perfected, the "blood-making" poverty alleviation efforts will be stepped up to ensure a good beginning and a good ending, and good achievements will be made. We should earnestly study the spirit of the cadres and the masses in Shihezi city of the 8th division, so that the corps spirit of "love the motherland, selfless dedication, hard work, pioneering and enterprising" can be passed on and carried forward in the Dalian aid Xinjiang work team to highlight the connotation of the times.
In our city's cadre and talent base in Xinjiang, Tan Chengxu walked into the dormitory to learn about everyone's study and life, ask them what difficulties they have to solve, and urge everyone to take good care of themselves. He said that in Shihezi city, I felt the enthusiasm and passion of Dalian's cadres and talents to assist Xinjiang and saw the real results of counterpart support work. You have fulfilled your initial heart with actions and undertaken your mission with dedication, which is worthy of the honorary title of cadres and talents assisting Xinjiang. I hope you will strengthen your study, improve your working ability in practice, concentrate on doing good things for the local people and do practical things. You will always demand yourself with a "strict" standard and a "practical" style of work, and strive to follow your initial heart and make unremitting efforts to realize the value of life in promoting the innovation and development of aid work in Xinjiang.