Tan Chengxu Presided over the 50th Executive Meeting of the Dalian Government and Delivered a Speech
On June 22, the municipal government held its 50th executive meeting to discuss and pass the Dalian Civilized Behavior Promotion Regulations (Draft), which will be submitted to the standing Committee of the municipal people's congress for deliberation.  Mayor Tan Chengxu presided over the meeting and made a speech. The meeting held that the enactment of the Dalian Civilized Behavior Promotion Regulations (Draft), which encourages and supports good deeds and righteous deeds in the form of the rule of law, restricts and punishes immoral and uncivilized behaviors, and uses the authority of the rule of law to enhance people's consciousness of cultivating and practicing socialist core values, is an important means to improve citizens' civilized quality, an important starting point to enhance the degree of city civilization, and an effective way to promote the construction of spiritual civilization.
The meeting stressed that governments at all levels should take the creation of civilized cities as the guide, strengthen the promotion of civilized behavior, guide and promote the citizens to establish civilized concepts, develop civilized habits, enhance civilized accomplishment, promote civilized behavior, and continuously improve the civilized level of the whole society. It is necessary to improve the quality of urban construction and the level of fine management in an all-round way, to effectively solve the painful and difficult problems that have plagued urban management for a long time, to effectively protect the natural landscape and historical and cultural features of coastal cities, to build a warm, friendly, open, inclusive, harmonious, livable, romantic and beautiful image of modern civilized cities with beautiful and clean living environment, standardized and orderly social order, rich and colorful cultural life, convenient and efficient public services, and an ecological environment where people and nature live in harmony, and to promote the simultaneous promotion of material civilization and spiritual civilization with the same frequency, hard strength and soft power.
The meeting also considered and adopted relevant topics and studied other matters.