Tan Chengxu Meets Argentine Delegation from Corrientes Province
On June 21, mayor Tan Chengxu met with the Argentine delegation from Corrientes Province headed by Argentine Governor of Corrientes Province Gustavo Adolfo Valdez at the Bangchui Island Hotel. He unveiled the Dalian office of Argentine Latin American China International Trade Corporation together with Argentine Governor of Corrientes Province. Yi Qingtao, secretary general of the People's Government of Dalian, Pedro Gerardo Cassani, speaker of the Argentine Corrientes Province House of Representatives, Fernando Adrias, president of Latin American China International Trade Corporation, and others attended the meeting.
Tan Chengxu welcomed the delegation and its delegation on behalf of Dalian Municipal People's Government and briefly introduced the economic and social development of our city. He said Dalian had a long history of contacts with Argentina. As early as 2003, Dalian established friendly and cooperative relations with Argentina's Blanca, with continuous personnel exchanges between the two sides. In particular, since 2017, President Fernando Adriaz has organized Argentine entrepreneurs to visit Argentina for three consecutive years to seek cooperation opportunities and carry out project docking, with remarkable results. He hoped that the delegation's visit would deepen mutual understanding, tap the potential of cooperation between the two sides in the fields of economy and trade, ports, new energy and agricultural products processing, animal husbandry and other fields, realize mutual benefits and promote common development.
During the visit, the delegation of Corrientes Province held a joint economic and trade meeting between Dalian, China and corrientes province, Argentina, to establish contact channels for enterprises of both sides in agriculture, fishery, forestry, animal husbandry, new energy and building materials, and signed letters of intent for cooperation with Dalian District Administrative Committee of Liaoning Free Trade Zone and the Municipal Council for the Promotion of International Trade. Gustavo Adolf Valdez said that corrientes province attached great importance to friendly exchanges with Dalian and hoped to further strengthen exchanges and establish closer cooperation between the two places in the future.