Tan Chengxu Inspects and Directs Preparations for Summer Davos Annual Meeting
The 2019 Dalian Summer Davos Annual Meeting will be held at Dalian International Convention Center from July 1 to 3. All preparations have entered the sprint stage. Yesterday, mayor Tan Chengxu came to Donggang Business District to inspect and guide the preparations for the Summer Davos Annual Meeting. He called on relevant regions and departments to aim at high standards, do all kinds of work with all their efforts and due diligence, and to ensure the success of this annual meeting. Yi Qingtao, secretary general of the People's Government of Dalian, and others took part in the inspection activities.
Tan Chengxu came to the Music Fountain Square in Donggang Business District, the "Dalian Night" activity site, the media village of the International Convention Center, the infirmary, the fire control room, the conference hall, the meeting hall and the consultation area successively to carefully inspect the construction of hardware equipment. He requested that the arrangement and construction of the summer Davos annual meeting venue and the "Dalian Night" activity should be carefully done, and strict inspection and acceptance should be carried out to ensure the normal operation of various facilities. We must meticulously do a good job in fire protection, security, water supply, power supply, communications and other security work to ensure that every link and every detail will not go wrong. Tan Chengxu also came to the residence of the guests of the Summer Davos annual meeting to learn about the facilities and services.
During the inspection, Tan Chengxu presided over the meeting and listened to reports on the reception of guests, communication security, safety and security, food safety, medical security, theatrical performances and the improvement of the city appearance and environment at the Davos annual meeting. He fully affirmed the preparations for the annual meeting.He said that everyone has done a lot of work in depth, carefully and conscientiously. The construction of the venue has been carried out in an orderly way. The security measures are solid and effective. The meeting elements are basically in place, laying a good foundation for the successful holding of the annual meeting.
Tan Chengxu stressed that the preparatory work for the annual meeting has reached a critical stage. Everyone should further raise their awareness, strengthen their sense of responsibility and urgency, pay more attention to their thoughts, take more effective measures and be more solid in their work. They should really pay more attention to their intentions, be meticulous and meticulous, take every link seriously and do every job well.Relevant responsible persons should put all their energies into front command, inspection and implementation. Relevant departments and units should work together and support each other to form a strong joint force.It is necessary to carry out real, fine and fine dragnet inspections of conference venues and facilities so as to find and rectify problems in the first place and ensure the safe and normal operation of various facilities.  We should step up inspection and training to ensure that hotel facilities, services, environmental sanitation and catering quality meet the reception standards and satisfy the participants.Strict measures should be taken to build up a secure defense line, further establish and improve a unified and efficient organization and command system with smooth instructions and coordinated operation, fully implement territorial responsibilities, departmental responsibilities and post responsibilities, strictly implement various security operation procedures, and achieve strict control, scientific control and civilized control.  We should clean up the illegal placement of advertising plaques and sanitary dead corners, do a good job of greening and beautifying at a high level, and welcome domestic and foreign guests and friends with a brand-new city appearance.