Tan Chengxu Attended the 20th China Overseas Scholars Innovation Summit City-Wide Division of Labor Coordination Meeting and Delivered a Speech
The 20th Chinese Overseas Students' Entrepreneurship Week with the theme of "Creating, Dreaming and Starting Again" will be held in the Expo Square from July 5 to 7. Yesterday, the city held the 20th China Overseas Students Entrepreneurship Week (COSE Week) city-wide division of labor coordination meeting to re-deploy and re-implement the preparatory work. Tan Chengxu, deputy secretary of CPC Committee of Dalian and mayor, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. City leaders including Zhao Daguang, Zeng Bo and Zhang Zhihong, as well as Yi Qingtao, secretary general of the People's Government of Dalian attended the meeting.
Tan Chengxu fully affirmed the preparatory work for CHINAOCS, pointing out that CHINAOCS has successfully held 19 sessions in our city and has become an important service platform for returned overseas students to innovate and start their own businesses. The vast number of overseas students have become an important bridge for displaying their talents, serving the motherland and realizing their own values. They have also become an important carrier for displaying Dalian, spreading Dalian and helping Dalian and a resounding city brand. Relevant regions and departments should unify their thinking and understanding, adhere to the overall situation, strengthen the sense of responsibility and urgency of running CHINAOCS with high quality, conscientiously sum up and apply past successful experiences, and make every effort to turn this CHINAOCS into a grand gathering of talents with scale, level, quality and influence with higher goals, stricter requirements and more detailed work.
Tan Chengxu stressed that we should adhere to the problem-oriented and goal-oriented approach, focus on the key work points, and do all the preparatory work for CHINAOCS in a practical, meticulous and effective manner. We must adhere to a high level of organizing meetings, and all responsible areas and departments should earnestly implement the division of work in preparation, strengthen organizational leadership and strengthen work scheduling. We must strengthen overall planning and coordination, cooperate closely, work together and form a strong working force. We should make the responsibility of compaction work clearly, firmly establish the sense of home ownership, earnestly assume the responsibility of the host, actively do their respective tasks, truly carry the responsibility and jump down. In order to achieve greater results, we should seize the key of "talents return and projects done", adhere to the accurate introduction of talents, accurate application of policies and retention of talents, and accurate docking of industries, and do our best in talent introduction and project negotiation to ensure real results. We should fully display the charm of the city, further publicize and promote the advantages of the city's talent policy and entrepreneurial environment, and fully display Dalian's entrepreneurial ecological environment in the new era, which allows all kinds of talents to be at ease, safe and secure. We will conscientiously do a good job in the aspects of city appearance, reception services, transportation, sanitation, etc. We will be strict and strict, meticulous and meticulous, and honest and honest, so as to ensure that all activities are safe and orderly and safe, so that overseas students and visitors from all directions can experience the ever-changing changes in Dalian and fully feel the warmth of "home".