Tan Chengxu Presided over the Promotion Meeting on Reducing, Depositing, Controlling and Increasing Contradictions in Public Complaints
On May 30, the municipal party committee held a meeting to promote the reduction, storage, control and increase of complaint letters and visits in the city. Tan Zuojun, member of CPC Standing Committee of Liaoning Province and secretary of CPC Committee of Dalian, attended the meeting and made a speech. Tan Chengxu, deputy secretary of CPC Committee of Dalian and mayor, presided over the meeting. Yu Dequan, member of CPC Standing Committee of Dalian and secretary of the Politics and Law Committee, deployed relevant work.
Tan Zuojun stressed that all regions and departments should thoroughly study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important thought on strengthening and improving people's petition work, adhere to the people-centered principle, adhere to the problem-oriented principle, carefully find and sort out the shortcomings in the work, come up with more practical and effective methods, firmly break through the blocking points, relieve pain points, break through difficulties and respond to hot spots, and ensure the timely completion of the three-year crucial target tasks.
Tan Zuojun stressed that it was necessary to adhere to a comprehensive policy and to tackle difficulties with precision. We should reduce the stock, strictly enforce the "bottom line" of laws and the "red line" of policies, adopt a case-by-case and one-person policy for individual cases and persist in resolving common problems one by one and solve one by one. We needed to make overall plans for difficult and complicated problems, coordinate departments, and strive to improve the quality and quantity of case resolution. Moreover, we should curb the increase, strengthen prevention and control at the source, adhere to three-dimensional stability control, pay close attention to the responsibility of the first office, so as to prevent the first, find the early, dispose of the small, better safeguard the interests of the masses, safeguard the stability of the overall social situation.
Tan Chengxu stressed when presiding over the meeting that all regions and departments should earnestly study and deeply understand the spirit of the meeting and earnestly implement it. We needed to recognize the grim situation, face up to the gap, adhere to the problem-oriented and goal-oriented, highlight the key points, compaction responsibility, control ledger case by case combing, come up with solutions, to ensure the effectiveness. We should further strengthen the ability to do a good job in the petition work, strengthen learning and training, improve the level of business, with higher standards and stricter requirements, do a solid job in reducing stock, controlling increment and preventing variables. Efforts should be made to improve the joint efforts in the petition work. All localities and departments should break down departmental barriers and form positive interaction to complement and support each other. They should make concerted efforts to fight the petition contradiction, reduce the deposit and control, and increase the difficulty for three years.
At the meeting, the Dalian Bureau of Public Complaints reported on the progress of the reduction, storage, control and increase of contradictions in letters and visits in our city. The Dalian Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Dalian Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, t Dalian Bureau of Natural Resources, the Dalian Municipal Bureau of Veterans Affairs Bureau, the Dalian Finance Bureau, the Bureau of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Dalian, the Dalian Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, the Jinpu New District, and the Huayuankou Economic Zone reported the relevant information.
Relevant responsible comrades of the Party (Industry) Committee of each district, city and county, and the opening pilot district, as well as the main responsible comrades of the member units of the joint meeting of the municipal petition work, attended the meeting.