Tan Chengxu Attends Dalian Education Conference and Delivers Speech
On may 29, the Dalian Education Conference was held at the CPC Standing Committee of Dalian. They studied and implemented in depth President Xi Jinping's important exposition on education, especially the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping's important speech at the national education conference, earnestly implemented the spirit of the national and provincial education conferences, and studied and deployed the current and future education work in the city. Tan Zuojun, member of CPC Standing Committee of Liaoning Province and secretary of CPC Committee of Dalian, and Tan Chengxu, deputy secretary of CPC Committee of Dalian and mayor, attended the meeting and gave a speech. Xiao Shengfeng, director of the Standing Committee of Dalian Municipal People's Congress, attended the meeting. Xu Shaoda, deputy secretary of CPC Committee of Dalian and minister of Publicity Department, presided over the meeting. City leaders Liu Xiaobin and Wu Jihua attended the meeting.
Tan Zuojun affirmed the city's educational work in recent years in his speech. He pointed out that since the 18th CPC National Congress, General Secretary Xi Jinping had delivered a series of important speeches on education reform and development, especially at last year's national education conference, providing us with powerful ideological weapons and guidelines for action in the education work of the new era. The whole city should thoroughly study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech, fully implement the spirit of the national and provincial education conferences, fully implement the Party's education policy, accelerate the modernization of education, build a strong city of education, run a satisfactory education for the people, and promote education to maintain a correct political direction all the time.
Tan Zuojun stressed that we must firmly grasp the key task of promoting the modernization of education and strive to run a satisfactory education for the people. Firstly, it was to fully implement the Party's education policy and adhere to the strategic position of giving priority to education. We should give priority to education in economic and social development planning, give priority to ensuring education with capital investment, and promote education to develop in a higher quality, fairer, more efficient and more sustainable direction. Secondly, we would carry out the fundamental task of cultivating morality and cultivating people. We also should guide students to strengthen their ideals and beliefs, actively practice the socialist core values, cultivate the spirit of struggle, improve their overall quality, and effectively implement quality education. Thirdly, we needed to do a good job of casting souls and educating people, deepen theoretical learning education and innovate ideological and political education methods. We should highlight the cultivation of ideological and political education practice, and firmly grasp the leadership of ideological work. Fourthly, we should strengthen the construction of teachers in the new era, strengthen the construction of teachers' ethics, deepen the reform of teacher management system, improve the status and treatment of teachers, make up for the shortage of teachers in rural areas, and strive to build a high-quality professional teachers' team. Fifthly, we should deepen the comprehensive reform in the field of education, optimize the distribution structure and supply quality of vocational education, promote better and stronger education, and better meet the educational needs of the people.
Tan Zuojun stressed that the Party's leadership in education should be strengthened. The municipal Party committee's leading group on education should put the Party's political construction in the first place and put the direction, overall situation and major issues under discussion. Party committees and governments at all levels should incorporate education reform and development into their work priorities, and all relevant departments should be duty-bound to support education and form an education leadership system with unified leadership of the Party committee, joint efforts by the Party and government, and individual responsibilities of departments.
We should strengthen the construction of grass-roots party organizations and promote the expansion of party building work to the most grass-roots, active and innovative teachers and students' teaching, scientific research and community organizations. It was necessary to focus on the risk points of clean government in the education field, standardize the working standards and requirements, strengthen the daily education management, persist in upholding integrity and discipline, and create a good ecological environment for education development.
Tan Chengxu pointed out that efforts should be made to draw up a long-term plan for the development of education, to draw up a layout plan for Dalian's educational facilities, and to draw up relevant supporting documents. We should strive to promote the popularization and inclusive development of pre-school education, implement the expansion project of public kindergartens, and expand public pre-school education resources. We needed to continue to carry out special treatment for the planning, construction, transfer and operation of kindergartens supporting the residential area; Besides that, we must increase investment, improve the conditions for setting up kindergartens for rural preschool education, and increase the coverage rate of inclusive kindergartens in the city. We should strive to promote the balanced development of compulsory education with high quality, accelerate the integration of compulsory education in urban and rural areas, and vigorously promote quality education. We needed to hold the bottom line of education fairness, implement the policy of compulsory education and exemption from entrance examination for primary and secondary schools, standardize enrollment for private primary and secondary schools, promote accurate education assistance, and improve the level of special education. Speed up the elimination of "large classes", do a good job in the layout of primary and secondary schools, and strive to increase the supply of academic degrees; We would strictly regulate out-of-school education and training, clean up and rectify illegal institutions, resolutely correct unhealthy behaviors such as over-the-top teaching, severely punish out-of-school training institutions for linking up with enrollment in primary and secondary schools, and support primary and secondary schools in providing after-school services.
Tan Chengxu stressed that we should strive to promote the development of high-quality characteristics of high school education, strengthen effective supply, and build a diversified characteristic development system for ordinary high schools. We needed to deepen reform and innovation. We should promote the reform of teaching methods in ordinary high schools and actively and steadily push forward the comprehensive reform of college entrance examination. The city should increase investment in infrastructure construction and education funds. Moreover, we must focus on deepening the comprehensive reform of vocational education, rationalizing the management system, optimizing the distribution structure, building a number of high-level vocational colleges, strengthening the construction of county-level vocational education centers, and improving the dynamic adjustment mechanism of specialties. We would further deepen school-enterprise cooperation and promote diversification in running schools and integration of supply and demand. We should strive to promote the interactive integration and development between universities and cities, support the acceleration of the " Double-First Class" construction, encourage universities to give full play to the advantages of talents and disciplines, and provide intellectual support and talent support for regional economic and social development. We would open up the "last kilometer" of the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in colleges and universities, strengthen the innovation and entrepreneurship education of college students, and actively guide college graduates to find jobs in the company. We should strive to improve the level of teacher team building, strengthen support and guarantee for education, further increase investment in education, ensure that the average wage level of primary and secondary school teachers is not lower than that of local civil servants, fully implement the student aid policy, and improve the student aid system. We also needed to further speed up the construction of education informatization, optimize the environment for education development, and strive to run a satisfactory education for the people.
The meeting was held by video teleconference. Main responsible comrades of municipal ministries, municipal units, mass organizations and municipal institutions, relevant responsible comrades of municipal universities, districts, cities and counties, open pilot areas, municipal education working Committee, and some principals and teachers' representatives of primary and secondary schools attended the meeting in the main venue or sub-venue.