Tan chengxu: Focusing on Building a Nighttime Economic Carrier and Creating a Nighttime Business and Consumption Environment
On the evening of May 29, mayor Tan Chengxu came to Xigang District and Zhongshan District to investigate the city's economic development at night and conduct on-site office work on related issues. He stressed that night economy was an important part of the urban economy and an important way to stimulate the vitality of the city. We should promote consumption upgrading, economic prosperity and high-quality development. We should adhere to government guidance, market regulation, highlight the characteristics, pay attention to innovation, focus on building a batch of nighttime economic carriers and create a good environment for nighttime business and consumption. We also needed accelerate the formation of a nighttime economic development pattern with reasonable layout, perfect functions, diversified formats and standardized management, meet the growing needs of the people for a better life, and let the "nighttime vitality" of the city release more power for economic growth.
Tan Chengxu came to the Olympic Business Circle in Xigang District, Bayi Road Delicious Street, Erqi Square "Dai Street" in Zhongshan District, and the special commercial district of Democracy Square successively to learn more about the current economic development at night and to communicate with some restaurant outlets to inquire about the operating cost and income at night. The leaders of Xigang District and Zhongshan District respectively reported on the development of night economic work, current problems and plans for the next step.
Tan Chengxu pointed out in the survey that with the gradual increase of residents' income, the urbanization had been accelerated, the number of foreign residents, businesses and tourists had been increased, and the demand for nighttime consumption had been increased, so that the nighttime economy in our city showed great potential for development. Relevant regions and departments should follow the trend and take advantage of the situation to speed up the study and formulation of night economic development plans and specific measures to enrich night consumption experience activities. They should not only highlight the full "Dalian style", but also highlight the strong "international style", cultivate diversified night consumption patterns, and form a batch of night economic demonstration blocks with normalization, affinity to the people, characteristics and dislocation development.
Tan Chengxu stressed that it was necessary to establish and improve an efficient and coordinated operation mechanism, perfect public facilities, upgrade supporting services, and make overall plans to solve problems such as city appearance, environmental sanitation, food safety, and parking of vehicles that may arise from the development of night operations, so as to ensure that night operations are standardized, orderly, convenient, and beneficial to the people. We should further improve the level of greening, brightening and beautifying streets, and create more scenes of night consumption.
Tan Chengxu asked relevant regions to establish a leadership mechanism for developing night economy, strengthen top-level design, improve policies and systems, coordinate planning and construction, solve key problems, standardize and orderly develop "night economy", develop "night space", highlight "night culture" and turn our city's night economy into a beautiful city business card.
Yi Qingtao, S secretary general of the People's Government of Dalian, participated in the research.