Tan Chengxu Attends the "Online Office" Business Promotion Work Site Meeting and Delivered a Speech
Yesterday, Dalian held an on-the-spot meeting on the promotion of the "Online Office" business, thoroughly implemented the national and provincial work requirements for the reform of the "Release Management Service", especially the construction of an integrated online government service platform. We set an all-round target for the reform mode of Shanghai's "Online Office" and firmly defined the goals and responsibilities of that. We kept a close eye on the time limit and worked together to overcome the difficulties so as to ensure that the "Online Office" of the whole city can be realized on schedule with high standards and quality. Tan Chengxu, deputy secretary of CPC Committee of Dalian and mayor, attended the meeting and made a speech. City leaders including Yang Yaowei and Jin Guowei and Yang Guangzhi, director of Changxing Island Economic Technological Zone Administrative Committee attended. The meeting was presided over by Yi Qingtao, s secretary general of the People's Government of Dalian.
Tan Chengxu pointed out that in recent years, various regions and departments had made sustained efforts to promote government information and achieved certain results. However, the actual situation was not optimistic. We must clearly recognize the problems and shortcomings in our work, see the gap with advanced regions, and improve our political stance. We should stick to the problem orientation, dig deep into the root causes, reflect deeply, and take "convenience and inconvenience of the masses, satisfaction and dissatisfaction" as the standard to measure the government's work. We should take the initiative and act actively to make up the short board and catch up with the gap. We should grasp the decision-making and deployment of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government on the "Online Office" to provide a strong impetus for optimizing the business environment.
Tan Chengxu stressed that departments at all levels should give prominence to key points, strengthen coordination and speed up the construction of "Online Office" in our city. Firstly, strengthening network support. We should speed up the progress of platform construction, expand network coverage, fully realize platform docking, and improve public data support. Secondly, it was necessary to carry out process reengineering. We must pay close attention to the compilation of the catalogue of government affairs service items and guidelines, standardize the contents of elements of government affairs service items, greatly shorten the time limit for examination and approval, and further improve the quality and efficiency of the work. Thirdly, we must strengthen coordination and linkage. We would promote the integration of self-service approval platforms and online government service platforms, strengthen the linkage between physical halls and virtual halls, resolutely break down data barriers and expand service depth. Fourthly, information security must be guaranteed. We must establish a safety monitoring, early warning and emergency response mechanism to comprehensively enhance the platform's safety protection capability.
Tan Chengxu stressed that all regions and departments should put the promotion of the "One Netcom Office" in an important position, strengthen organization and leadership, strictly supervise and inspect, and strengthen publicity and guidance. According to the time node defined by the State Council and the provincial government, the construction period should be reversed, the task book and road map should be detailed, the weekly work plan should be formulated, the weekly scheduling system for the main leaders of the municipal government should be established, the work base should be found out, the difficult problems should be identified, and the work measures should be formulated, so as to ensure that all the work tasks of the "Online Office" are implemented and achieved actual results.
The comrades attending the meeting watched the use process of the "Intelligent Government Service Workbench" at the meeting site. Relevant departments introduced the current situation of the construction of the city's integrated online government service platform and the working ideas of promoting the self-service terminals of government service, and deployed to promote the informatization construction of the city's "Online Office".