Tan Chengxu Inspected Preparations for Vanke Night Music Party & Show of Fireworks

Tan Chengxu Inspected Preparations for Vanke Night Music Party & Show of Fireworks


The night sky above Xinghai Bay put on a gorgeous show of fireworks at 8 p.m. yesterday. It is the climax of the “Vanke Night” music party & show of fireworks, an activity to celebrate the Festival of Lanterns which falls after the Spring Festival.


Yesterday morning, accompanied by officials, mayor Tan Chengxu inspected the preparations for the show of fireworks. “It is important for relevant departments and units to cooperate closely, be diligent, and plan all work more carefully. Safety is the priority if we want to stage a classic pageant,” he said.


Tan Chengxu first visited the shooting point at Xinghai Bay bridge. He was briefed by the staff on the time schedule, overall layout and safety measures relating the show. “Weather forecast is important for the event. It is necessary for you to strictly follow the safety norms when shooting the fireworks. There should be no error,” he said.


At the audience area in Xinghai Bay convention and exhibition center, Tan Chengxu inspected the seats, entrances, exits and other facilities. “Scientifically allocating the function areas is the key. It is necessary to reinforce the temporary facilities, such as tables, chairs and electrical cables to get rid of any potential hazards,” he said.    


At the temporary ferry points at the Metro station near Xinghai plaza and the bus station at Zhongshan road, Tan Chengxu was briefed by the staff on the reserve of transport capacity at major bus lines, the operating plan, as well as the plan for rerouting or adjusting the flow of people if necessary. “Happy new year!” he said to the staff including the police on shift. “The Metro and bus transport face a heavy pressure before and after the show of fireworks. According to the safety responsibility system, it is essential for us to scientifically predict potential risks, strictly practice the evacuation plan if necessary, timely dispatch the vehicles, reasonably guide the flow of people, and create a safe traffic condition,” he said.    


After being briefed by officials on safety measures for the audience areas scattered in New Jinpu district, Ganjingzi district and Lushunkou district, Tan Chengxu emphasized the principle that the show of fireworks should “be safe, colorful and friendly to the people”. He also emphasized the importance of ensuring safety of the event by the board which hosts the show of fireworks. “With a tight chain of command, the board plays a leading role. And level by level, you are responsible for safety of the show. Specific measures and more operable emergency plan are essential to every link of our work, including ensuring safety of the audience. At the same time, we should closely monitor the surrounding mountains and waters to prevent any accident. It is important for us to prepare sufficient temporary facilities, such as guide signs, movable toilets and other facilities, and create convenient conditions for the people,” he said. Before the officials and staff, Tan Chengxu emphasized the importance of traffic safety.  


Deputy mayors, Yang Yaowei, Luo Dongsheng, as well as Yi Qingtao, secretary general of the municipal government accompanied Tan Chengxu on the tour of inspection.


After the show of fireworks, accompanied by officials, Tan Chengxu visited the office of the board and met with the staff. Later through the monitoring system, he learned about the traffic in and around Xinghai plaza.