Tan Chengxu: It Is Important to Take Effective Measures to Ensure Safe Production and Protect the People’s Life & Properties

After attending the nationwide teleconference on safe production yesterday, the municipal government convened a teleconference, which is themed on implementing the instructions made by General Secretary Xi Jinping on safe production, as well as the arrangements made by the central committee of Communist Party of China and the state council.


The teleconference emphasized the importance of safe production, especially in urban gas supply.


Tan Chengxu, the mayor attended the teleconference and delivered a speech. Lu Lin, the deputy mayor and member of Dalian CPC standing committee, presided over the teleconference. Yi Qingtao, secretary general of the municipal government also attended the teleconference.


After briefing the attendees on the gas accidents which occurred in Dalian recently, the teleconference made further arrangements for safe production, especially in urban gas supply.


“This winter, several accidents had occurred in household gas supply in our city. For example, the accident, which occurred at the night of January 8 in No. 13 building in Rongxin lane, Bayi road in Xigang district, caused a great damage to the people’s life and properties. It exposed many weak links in our work. The accident sounds an alarm for us. It is necessary for all government departments to learn from the lesson, take effective measures, and strictly implement the responsibility for safe production. It is imperative for us to intensify supervision comprehensively in terms of safe production,” Tan Chengxu said. He told related personnel and departments to spare no effort in dealing with the aftermath of the accident, which includes medical treatment of the injured and rehousing the inhabitants affected by the accident.


“There is a great demand for fuel gas in winter. We have many old pipelines in the urban area. A few gas enterprises underperform in assuming the responsibility for safe production. Moreover, the flow of gas is somewhat poorly regulated, and there are many latent risks in the gas supply facilities. It is important for the work safety department at various levels to see to that all latent risks are identified and handled. There shall be no try-your-luck mentality and carefree behavior. Safe production is the red line,” Tan Chengxu said.        


“By resorting to iron discipline, we aim to further specify the responsibility of the work safety agency, the gas supplier and the consumers in terms of safe production. It is necessary for us to assume a no-tolerance attitude in the work of identifying and handling latent risks in gas supply, especially in terms of gas refueling stations, construction projects, gas facilities, gas transport vehicles and gas consumption,” Tan Chengxu said.


“Finally, we should focus our effort on the major fields such as winter road transport, waterborne traffic, construction projects, fishery, transport and marketing of fireworks, promotion activities at shopping malls, and celebrating activities in hotels. We should take effective measures to ensure that there is no major accident in terms of safe production during the spring festival holidays. We should work hard to maintain the steady situation of safe production in our city,” Tan Chengxu said.