Meeting of Tan Chengxu with Miao Wenle, the CEO of Swiss Reinsurance Group

On the morning of January 21, local time, Tan Chengxu, the mayor who is attending the 2019 world economic forum annual meeting in Switzerland, led the Dalian delegation and met with Miao Wenle, chief executive officer of Swiss reinsurance group, and Gao Weili, president of public relations in Zurich to attend the signing ceremony of the agreement on strategic cooperation for the pilot project of urban catastrophe insurance between Beijing branch of Swiss Reinsurance Group and Dalian branch of the People's Property Insurance Company of China.


Tan Chengxu first thanked Miao Wenle for inviting the Dalian delegation to visit the headquarters of Swiss Reinsurance Group and the Global Dialogue Center. He said that Swiss Reinsurance Group, as the world's largest reinsurance company, not only has a huge network of insurance financial resources in the world, but also has first-class international high-end insurance service products, fruitful financial management concepts and advanced corporate culture, which are very worthy of learning and reference by insurance companies in our city.


Since the signing of the cooperation framework agreement with Dalian municipal government during the summer Davos annual meeting in June 2017, Swiss Reinsurance Group has arranged several working teams to come to Dalian to discuss cooperation with relevant municipal government departments, appoint experts in the insurance industry to provide professional training in financial insurance for our city's cadres and financial insurance entrepreneurs, invite our delegation to Switzerland to participate in the " China - Switzerland Forum on Economic Development and Climate Change", help our delegation to visit Europe and make positive progress in our economic and trade exchanges with Europe. On behalf of the Dalian municipal government, Tan chengxu once again expressed his sincere thanks to Miao Wenle and Swiss Reinsurance Group for their great support for the development of Dalian's financial industry and its opening to the outside world. He also introduced the development of Dalian's financial industry and hoped that the two sides would carry out deeper cooperation in the financial field.


After the meeting and signing ceremony, by Miao Wenle introducing, Tan Chengxu and Mr. Christian Blecher, general manager of Zurich Banking Association, had a frank exchange on strengthening cooperation in the financial field, and both sides shared a good vision of cooperation. Later, Tan Chengxu led the delegation to Zurich Economic Promotion Agency to meet with its Asian Affairs Director, Mr. Lucas Hu Bo, to listen to and learn the advanced experience of Zurich municipal government in urban management and financial development.