Tan Chengxu Attended the Second Session of the 16th Municipal People's Congress for the deliberation and approval of Zhuanghe City’s, Lushunkou Distri

Tan Chengxu joined deliberations with zhuanghe City’s Delegations

Tan Chengxu joined deliberations with Lushunkou District’s Delegations

Tan Chengxu joined deliberations with Pulandian District’s Delegations


Yesterday, Tan Chengxu, deputy to the Municipal People's Congress and mayor of the city attended the second session of the 16th Municipal People's Congress of Zhuanghe city’s, Lushunkou District’s and Pulandian District’s delegations and had in-depth exchanges with representatives on accelerating Dalian's overall and all-round revitalization.


At the sub-group meeting, representatives were in high spirits and spoke freely, praising Dalian's achievements in the past year.  Everyone agreed that the government work report was guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and conscientiously implemented the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress, closely combined with the general secretary's important instructions to Liaoning and Dalian. It reflected the responsibility for development, and was permeated with strong feelings for the people. During the review, the representatives also put forward suggestions on further implementing the "three norths" strategy, developing and strengthening county economy, and further improving the ability of scientific and technological innovation.


"Please leave more time to grass-roots representatives," Tan Chengxu reminded the host of the meeting in this way in every delegation. He said that representatives from the grass-roots are closer to the masses and their speeches can better reflect the wishes of the masses. Please ask them to say more and talk more.


The words aroused the enthusiasm of the grass-roots representatives. Everyone rushed to speak one word at a time. Some spoke frankly about the current shortage of rural medical services in our city, some suggested that we should solve the financing difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises as soon as possible, and some proposed specific amendments to the government's work report. The speaker's words were full of substance, and the listeners were attentively focused. The topics discussed were more down-to-earth and thorough. Tan Chengxu carefully recorded the key points of his speech, discussed with everyone from time to time and responded to the questions raised by the representatives.


Tan Chengxu fully affirmed the work done in zhuanghe city, Lushunkou District and Pulandian District. He hoped to thoroughly implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's series of important speeches in the new year, with the main direction of making up for the "four short boards" and doing a solid job of the "six key tasks". We work to further emancipate the mind, strengthen the responsibility, and make real efforts to eliminate the rigid and outdated thinking pattern and get rid of the dependence on traditional paths. As advanced cities dare to do anything, we should also dare to do it and push all kinds of work to a new level.


Tan Chengxu said that we should always look up at the sky, improve our positions, broaden our horizons. We strive to focus on the strategy of "expanding to the west and advancing to the north", highlight our own unique advantages, scientifically plan the regional strategic positioning and development pattern with innovative thinking, accurately formulate the spatial layout, industrial layout and other plans at a higher level, and unify forward-looking, scientific and authoritative. We should be down-to-earth, pragmatic and hard-working to examine and tell the truth, do practical things and seek practical results. We should start from bit by bit, stick to the principle of honesty and strive for success for a long time. We should make steady progress step by step to ensure that every task is implemented and fully promotes the high-quality development of the region.