Tan Chengxu's Participation in the Dalian Delegation to the Second Session of the 13th Provincial People's Congress

"High-quality development has achieved new breakthroughs, deepening reform has stimulated new vitality, and "stressing on strong grasp" has shown a new image." On the afternoon of January 16, Tan Chengxu, the provincial people's congress representative and mayor, attended the second session of the 13th provincial people's congress to review the government work report with Dalian delegations and commented on the provincial government's work in 2018 with three "new" characters. He said that the report by the governor Tang Yijun was high-standing, wide-sighted, deep-meaning, real-content and affectionate. It held high the banner, firmed the confidence, and was pragmatic and focused.


Tan Chengxu said in his speech that the past year has been extremely extraordinary. The province has experienced many great events and difficulties, and has faced many challenges and contradictions. Under the strong leadership of the provincial party Committee and the provincial government, the whole province has United and fought hard and achieved many great things. As stated in the report, "newly significant progress has been made on building moderately prosperous society in an all-round way, and new, solid steps have been taken in the overall and all-round revitalization." This series of achievements have demonstrated the political stance and farsightedness of the provincial party Committee and the provincial government, and showed their pragmatic style of tackling difficulties and doing solid work. Facts have proved that a series of policies and measures taken by the provincial Party Committee and government are completely correct.


After introducing the city's economic and social development in last year and the objectives and tasks for this year, Tan Chengxu said that the provincial party Committee and government fully affirmed Dalian's work in the past year and placed high hopes on Dalian's revitalization and development, demanding that " Dalian work to be a leader and vanguard in Liaoning's overall revitalization" and " strive to be a pioneer and trailblazer in Liaoning's revitalization and development". The "Report" depicts a good vision of economic and social development in 2019, and lays out eight key tasks, pointing out the direction and providing guidance for us. We will resolutely implement the decision and deployment of the provincial Party Committee and the provincial government, strengthen confidence, maintain concentration. We strive to make new achievements, open up a new field, and do our best to promote high-quality economic development.


Tan Chengxu said that Dalian city will continue to carry out the special action of " stressing on the strong grasp" in depth, detail and decompose tasks, implement ledger management, push forward various tasks as planned, and make every effort to push forward the implementation of major decisions and arrangements of the provincial party Committee and government. We are committed to the implementation of more than 10 key tasks set forth in the Report for Dalian, deepening cooperation with China Merchants Group, speeding up the pace of overall port integration to build a "new Shekou" in Northeast Asia that integrates "port industry and city innovation". We work to perfect Dalian Summer Davos Forum, strengthen planning guidance, optimize the business environment, and vigorously carry out investment promotion and project construction. We strive to establish a special class system for major projects, further implement the "service secretary" security system, promote the overall and all-round revitalization with breakthroughs in key tasks, to submit a satisfactory result for the provincial party Committee, the provincial government and the Dalian people.