Tang Yijun: Shoulder the New Mission and Show New Achievements, to Write A New Chapter of Overall Opening Up and Be A Pioneer and trailblazer in Overa

On January 16, Tang Yijun, deputy secretary of the provincial party Committee and governor, attended the the Second Session of the 13th Provincial People's Congress to review the government work report with Dalian delegations.


During the deliberation and approval, Tan Chengxu, Zhao Fuzeng, Zhao Riqiang, Jian Qian, Cong Peigang, Qi Saina, Ma Zhenqing, Xu Kejun, Liao Weiming, Ding Yinping, Tian Xiaofeng, Guan Yinghua, Zhao Hongwei, Huang Gang, Zhang Qun, Yu Dehai made their respective speeches. It is believed that the government work report through implements "Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era" and the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress, earnestly carries out the important speech spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping during his inspection tour in Liaoning province and the symposium on further promoting the revitalization of northeast China, and implements the deployment requirements of the Central and Provincial Party Committee Economic Work Conference. It is a good report that holds high the banner, seeks truth from facts and urges people to forge ahead, with a high standing position, wide vision and solid content. It conforms to the spirit of the central government, closely follows the reality of Liaoning province and meets the expectations of the people so that everyone expressed their full agreement with it.


After listening carefully to the representatives' speeches, Tang Yijun said that over the past year, our province has made newly significant progress on building moderately prosperous society in an all-round way and New, has taken solid steps in the overall and all-round revitalization. The hard-earned achievements are mainly due to the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core, the strong support of all ministries, and the unity and struggle of all ethnic groups in the province under the leadership of the provincial party Committee. We should establish the "four consciousness", and be committed to "four confidences" and achieve the "two maintenances" to continuously promote the vivid practice of socialism with Chinese characteristics in Liaoning in the new era.


Tang Yijun fully affirmed Dalian's development achievements. He stressed that Dalian is the forerunner of Liaoning province's economic and social development. With a special position and unique advantages, it needs to find a correct orientation, a clear direction and a definite plan to shoulder its new mission, show its new achievements, writing a new chapter in the overall opening up and being a Pioneer and trailblazer in the overall revitalization. First, we must seize the great opportunity to create an upgraded version of opening to the outside world. Facing new tasks and new requirements in the new era, Dalian should have the courage to take on new responsibilities. According to the Party Central Committee's strategic plan to expand high-level opening up, Dalian should set a new round of goals and tasks of overall and all-round revitalization, and make full use of its strengths to offset and avoid its weaknesses , so as to push Dalian towards a high-level opening up at a new starting point. Second, we must rely on big ports to realize the new leap forward in urban construction. We should take Port integration as an opportunity to upgrade the port's level, improve the city's quality, speed up the city's internationalization, high-tech industry, quality construction, modernization of governance and ecological greening, and strive to build an international port city. Third, we should make good use of the great platform to foster new momentum for innovation and development. We work to make full use of various policies to accelerate the innovation and development of the pilot free trade zone, Dalian jinpu new zone, Shenyang university innovation demonstration zone and Dalian cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zone. Fourth, we work to promote great cooperation to speed up the development and opening up of the coastal economic zone. Giving full play to the leading role, we are committed to promoting the overall coordination and linkage of the coastal economic zone, to build a leading area for industrial structure optimization and a leading area for economic and social development.