The Mayor Has a Homely Chat with Community Workers Face to Face

Tan Chengxu Conducts a Field Visit about the Progress Situation of the Activities between the Party and the Masses in Lijia Street, Shahekou District

Tan Chengxu Knows about the Work of Party Building in Lijia Street in Detail


Yesterday Sun Yihua, the secretary of Dunhuang community in Chunliu street, Shahekou district, was so delighted that she could give two suggestions about the people's livelihood work in next year to Tan Chengxu, the deputy secretary of Dalian municipal committee and also the mayor of Dalian, face to face.    

Now it is the end of the year again, which is the key node of planning the key people's livelihood projects of the whole city in next year. In order to fully know about what the citizens think and hope and gain the firsthand information from the masses so as to provide better services for the decisions made by the municipal committee and municipal government, yesterday afternoon,Tan Chengxu who had just come back to Dalian from Shenyang came to the meeting room of the Party and the masses activity center in Lijia street, Shahekou district. He sat together with the community workers to have a homely chat with them face to face and listened to their opinions and suggestions with an open mind.  

Hope that next year the government can strengthen efforts to push on the warm-house projects.””More care and love should be given to the families in which the single child passes away.””More attention should be paid to the greening work in  residential areas so as to build a greening life for community residents.…… seven community workers made a speech successively, containing Gao Fang, the secretary of Jinyun community in Lijia street, Xiao Yuanyuan, the secretary of Hengyuan community in Xinggong street, Wang Yan , the secretary of Shuifu Shanzhu community in Nansha street, Yangbo, the secretary of Yonglian community in Zhongshan Park street, etc. All of them made an active speech on specific questions one by one, and also gave their pragmatic suggestions one by one, from the topics of community-based home care for the aged, increasing the number of public kindergartens to the topics of remoulding sewage pipe system in the old residences, establishing more community medical treatment sites. Tan Chengxu listened and recorded carefully, and also interacted and communicated with them every now and then.    

After listening to the speeches made by community workers, Tan Chengxu expressed his thanks to themAll of you put forward good opinions and suggestions around the hot and difficult problems which the masses are concerned about. This is not only of pertinence, but also profound. All of these are our source of wisdom.He required the relevant government departments to tease out items one by one, study carefully and collect every persons opinions and suggestions, thus effectively remedying the shortages of people's livelihood based on the masses' demands in accordance with the principle of trying our best to do everything within our capabilities. 

Tan Chengxu said it was our duty-bound responsibility to solve the problems related to the masses vital interests. The municipal committee and municipal government would continue to focus on the demands of people's livelihood as ever and gather strength for the welfare of the masses. Based on the masses will and oriented by the masses demands, we would put our efforts into solving the pain points, difficult points and blocking points in citizens life by regarding every little thing of the masses as a great and important thing, thus achieving the results of successfully accomplishing everything by starting well and ending well and trying our best to do everything to the best. The people's livelihood projects should be done to the bottom of the general citizens' hearts.

In the Party and the masses activity center in Lijia street, Tan Chengxu knew about the work of Party building in streets and the construction situation of the grid management and service system in detail. He put forward specific requirements, and affectionately communicated with the community workers on site. He hoped they could pass his heartfelt thanks and sincere greetings to all community workers in our city. In addition, Tan Chengxu conducted a field visit about the operation situation of the vegetable through trains in Lijia street, and also deployed the relevant works.