Tan Chengxu: Focus on High-Quality Development to Enhance Core Competitiveness and Further Make State-Owned Enterprises Stronger, Better and Bigger

On December 15th, Tan Chengxu, deputy Party secretary and mayor of Dalian, made a special trip to DHI-DCW Group to conduct a research on how to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of important speech made by general secretary of the CPC Central Committee Xi Jinping during his investigation in Liaoning and the symposium on promoting the revitalization of northeast China, and how to further make state-owned enterprises stronger, better and bigger. Meanwhile, Tan witnessed the world's first and largest 22,000-TEU container ship-used crankshafts rolling off the production line at the group’s spring water manufacturing base. Yi Qingtao, secretary-general of municipal government, participated in the event.

During the investigation, Tan Chengxu listened to the relevant work reports of DHI-DCW Group in detail. It is reported that DHI-DCW Group, since the beginning of this year, has constantly  worked to center on the improvement of development quality and efficiency, focus on reform and innovation, focus on stimulating the vitality of development and endeavor to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprise. The group took intelligent upgrading as a breakthrough point to further promote scientific and technological innovation and transformation and upgrading; strengthened international operations and vigorously promoted the high-end market restructuring; speeded up the expansion of new industries like environmental protection and energy conservation, industrial robots and nuclear power, and cultivated enterprise to develop “new amount”and achieved steady growth in enterprise output value, sales revenue, and profit and tax. The group has initially shaped a new phase of coordinated development of the four business sectors of “ heavy technology equipment, new energy equipment, rubber and plastic equipment, and manufacturing services”.

Tan Chengxu fully affirmed DHI-DCW Group’s achievements in independent innovation, quality improvement and efficiency improvement, and reform. He stressed that we should insist on the organic combination of learning general secretary Xi Jinping's important speech spirit and learning general secretary Xi's important discussion on the reform and development of state-owned enterprises. We should focus on the high-quality development, adopting practical measures to lengthen the institutional mechanism, economic structure, open cooperation, and ideological concept, sticking to problem-orientation and focusing on weak links, boldly breaking through ideological obstacles, getting rid of dependence on conventional path, breaking through the boundaries of interest solidification to avoid, overcome and make up each others’ weakness by fostering strengths. We should earnestly reform the mixed ownership system and further improve the market-oriented management mechanism; replenish and establish a reasonable talent structure timely and dynamically, and retain and attract talents through career platforms, effective incentives and a just and fair atmosphere. We should implement the strategy of innovation-driven development, increase investment in technology, strengthen the application of scientific research achievements, actively optimize product structure, continuously enhance enterprises’ core competitiveness, and cultivate new growth areas for enterprises development. We should combine strengthening the Party's leadership with improving corporate governance to tenaciously and unswervingly keep a firm grasp on building a clean and honest government and anti-corruption work with efforts on the road so as to provide a strong organizational guarantee for the reform and development of enterprises.

Tan Chengxu shook hands and exchanged greetings with technicians and workers cordially at the scene of 22,000-TEU container ship-used crankshafts rolling off the production line. Tan congratulated them on their achievements they have had and encouraged them to develop and produce more world-class products, driving China from a “great shipbuilding nation” to a “strong shipbuilding nation”.