Tan Chengxu Conducts an Investigation to Panasonic Automotive Energy DaLian Co., Ltd.

In order to implement the spirits of the important speeches that are given by the general secretary, Xi Jinping, during his investigation in Liaoning and in the symposium with the subject of promoting the revitalization of northeast China in depth, and also to accelerate to build the updated version of export-oriented economy and increase new kinetic energy for the economic development of our city, the mayor, Tan Chengxu, made a special trip to  Panasonic Automotive Energy DaLian Co., Ltd. to conduct an investigation on Dec. 5th. This helps him to know about the production and operation circumstance of the enterprise, listen to the opinions and suggestions of the enterprise and do a research about the work of providing better serves to enterprises, further optimize the business environment, etc. Besides, Li Pengyu who is the member of the Standing Committee of Municipal Committee, propaganda minister, secretary of the Party Working Committee of Jin Pu New Area and director of the Administrative Committee, and the deputy mayor, Jin Guowei also participated in this investigation.       

Panasonic Automotive Energy DaLian Co., Ltd. is a joint venture enterprise set up by Panasonic Corporation and Dalian Levear Electric Co., Ltd. The large-scale production mode is adopted through ultrafast laser welding, multi-layer and multi-direction high-speed automatic crimping, automatic detection, etc. Besides, the production of new energy automobile adopts power battery products, the technology, quality and manufacturing level of which all rank top in the world. They are mainly supplied for the domestic automobile manufacturers, and also exported to North America and Europe. This investment project is gradually constructed in four phases. The first phase of this project contains six production lines. At present, the first production line has been in mass production, the second and third production lines have been in trial production, and the fourth production line is conducting equipment installation and debugging work. The second phase of this project is to build production plant, and the main part of project in second phase has been completed. Now the work of plant decoration and installation of prime power facilities are in progress. 

Tan Chengxu came to the production workshop of Panasonic Automotive Energy DaLian Co., Ltd. to look over the production process in detail and earnestly understand the circumstance of the comprehensive application of advanced technology, product features, etc. Besides, he spoke highly of the core technology, research and development ability and comprehensive strength of the enterprise. On the scene, Tan Chengxu had an in-depth conversation with Yamanishi Nobukazu, the general manager of the corporation, and listened to the production and operation circumstance as well as the introduction of future development plan of the enterprise, and also carefully inquired the problems that are needed government departments to coordinate and solve.

Tan Chengxu thanked Panasonic for its contributions to the economic and social development of Dalian, and also hoped that the enterprise could make full use of the advantages of Dalian in the aspects of environment, industry, talents and policy to further increase its investment in Dalian, thus accelerating the technological progress and innovation, continuously extending the scale of production capacity and finally achieving mutual benefits and win-win development.

In the investigation, Tan Chengxu required governments at all levels to regard the work of contacting, visiting and serving foreign-funded enterprises as a regular work to carry out, which requires to roundly understand the development circumstance of enterprises, carefully listen to the demands of enterprises, timely response to the reasonable concerns of enterprises and practically protect the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises. In addition, governments also need to further perfect service safeguard mechanism, which requires to think about what enterprises think, solve what enterprises worry about and specially customize respective service menu for enterprises, thus creating a better development environment for enterprises through more favorable policies, more pragmatic measures and more accurate services