Tan Chengxu Visited Dalian Customs for Investigation

Yesterday, vice secretary of Municipal Committee of CPC and mayor Tan Chengxu, visited Dalian customs for investigation, visited the "customs guards",  who stick to defending the borders, and held discussions with members of the customs leadership to conduct in-depth exchanges on implementing the spirit of the important speech delivered by general secretary Xi Jinping during his visit to Liaoning and the symposium on further promoting the revitalization of northeast China, comprehensively deepening the reforms, innovating the supervision system, better promoting the high-quality development of the local economy and other problems. The municipal leaders Li Pengyu and Jin Guowei participated in the survey. 


Tan Chengxu came to Dayao Bay Customs, listened carefully to the report on the construction of the business environment, inspected the import inspection site and the operation of the customs inspection information inquiry system on the spot, and talked with the staff of Dalian Zhongjin International Freight Co., Ltd., who was handling the business, asking for opinions on customs clearance operations and suggestions on customs clearance facilitation.


During the discussion, Tan Chengxu listened to relevant work reports and affirmed the new achievements and bright new atmosphere showed by Dalian Customs, after "the merger between customs and inspection". He said that Dalian Customs insists on serving the local economic development as its top priority, the institutional reform is proceeding in an orderly manner, the deepening reform has outstanding features, improving efficiency and reducing costs are remarkable, service efficiency is improving continuously, and duty and responsibility performance is increasing. In particular, the bonded ore blending business, which was first launched in the country, was successfully selected into the top ten innovation cases in China Pilot Free Trade Pilot Zone in 2017, with remarkable results in all its work and even greater achievements in serving the local economic development. 


Tan Chengxu hopes Dalian customs will further study, deeply understand the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech, carefully compare the experiences and practices of advanced regions, deeply reflect on the weak links in its own work, investigate the causes, find countermeasures and remedy the shortcomings, take the hot issues concerned by enterprises as the focus of its future work, further deepen the reform of "delegating responsibility, management  and services" and actively promote the work of improving efficiency and reducing fees. Besides, Dalian customs should adhere to innovative services, implement the "service secretary" guarantee system for key enterprises, provide customs clearance facilities for enterprise development and further optimize the business environment. 


Strengthen the research on the policy, actively support the construction of Pilot Free Trade Zone and strive for the construction of Free Trade Port, and at the same time, put forward targeted opinions and suggestions to the Municipal Committee of CPC and Municipal Government to do a good job in the relevant work according to the latest policy requirements of the state. It is necessary to further strengthen the construction of a clean and honest party work style, build a customs team that stresses politics, cares for the overall situation, observes discipline and makes achievements. Tan Chengxu said that the Municipal Committee of CPC and the Municipal Government will provide better service guarantee for the development of Dalian Customs and realize the common progress of construction of customs and local economy and society. 


During the discussion, Tan Chengxu thanked Dalian Customs for its contribution to the prevention and control of African swine fever in our city, and hoped to further carry out risk investigation, adopt the strictest comprehensive prevention and control measures at ports, step up efforts to combat smuggling and fully guarantee the biological safety of the border.