Tan Chengxu: Insist on Life First, Safety First and Firmly Hold the Red Line Bottom Line of Safety Production

Yesterday, after watching a national video conference on safe production of dangerous chemicals, Mayor Tan Chengxu conducted a survey at the Municipal Bureau of Safe Production Supervision and Administration and presided over a symposium to make specific arrangements for the safe production in the whole city, especially for the safe production of dangerous chemicals. He stressed that the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions on safe production should be earnestly implemented, life above all and safety first should always be adhered to, the concept of safe development should be firmly established, and the bottom and red line of safe production should be firmly held.  Lu Lin, member of Standing Committee of Municipal Committee of CPC and vice mayor, and Yi Qingtao, secretary general of the Municipal Government, participated in the investigation.


At the symposium, Tan Chengxu had an in-depth exchange with members of the leading group of the Municipal Bureau of Safe Production Supervision and Administration, asked in detail about their work in their respective fields and their plans for next year’s work, and held in-depth discussions with everyone on specific issues. Tan Chengxu fully affirmed the work of the Municipal Bureau of Safe Production Supervision and Administration and thanked the leaders and workers of the Municipal System of Safe Production Supervision and Administration for their hard work. He stressed that we should raise our political standing, thoroughly study, understand and resolutely implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions, firmly establish the people-centered development thought, deeply understand the significance of doing a good job in safe production, preventing and containing serious accidents to protect people's lives and property safety, maintain the overall situation of reform, development and stability, effectively enhance our sense of responsibility, urgency and mission, firmly hold back problems and thoroughly solve problems, and promote the steady improvement of the city's safe production.


Tan Chengxu stressed that we should fully implement the spirit of the national special video conference on safe production of dangerous chemicals, strictly implement the responsibility system of "party and government sharing responsibility, one post with double responsibilities, joint management and cracking down on dereliction of duty" in safe production, stick to the guidance of problems and goals, and strengthen the safety supervision of every link, process and step in the hazardous chemicals industry, without any fluke mind or any slackening of efforts. To fully implement the enterprises’ main responsibility for safe production, urge the enterprises to improve their safety management abilities, and achieve "five steps in place" of safety responsibility, management, investment, training and emergency rescue, so as to further improve the enterprises’ intrinsic safety level. We should accurately grasp the seasonal characteristics of safe production, find out the hidden dangers, and solve them before they occur.


Tan Chengxu stressed that it is necessary to earnestly fulfill the responsibility of guarding the soil, perform their duties and responsibilities, stick to the principle of continuous efforts and holding on, work for a long time and do good work to ensure that responsibilities are in place, strength is in place, work is in place and results are in place, and do a solid job in the safe production of hazardous chemicals industry with the spirit of " nailing".  We should carry out scientific and accurate supervision of hazardous chemicals enterprises, scientifically assess the safety risk level, further strengthen risk-control measures, draw up a list of hidden dangers investigation and management that conforms to the actual situation of enterprises, and comprehensively establish a dual prevention mechanism for safe production to prevent all kinds of accidents from the very beginning.