Tan Chengxu's Inspection and Supervision of the Implementation of the Task of Rectification and Reform

Ecological environmental protection is an eternal systematic project, which is related to social harmony and stability and the long-term well-being of the people. Yesterday, Tan Chengxu, the deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and mayor, again inspected and supervised the implementation of the task of "looking back" rectification of central ecological environment protection and supervision. He stressed that it is necessary to conscientiously study and implement Xi Jinping's thought of ecological civilization, shoulder the political responsibility of carrying out the rectification and reform of central ecological and environmental protection supervision, go all out to do a good job in rectifying and reforming the prominent problem of ecological environment, resolutely carry out comprehensive rectification and thorough rectification, and ensure high-quality completion of corrective tasks on schedule.


Dalian Jinlongsi River Sewage Treatment Co., Ltd., due to the excessive concentration of water pollutants, was notified by the superior department and required a deadline for rectification. Municipal Party committees and Municipal Governments attach great importance to it and resolutely implement rectification and reform measures. In Jinlongsi River Sewage Treatment Co., Ltd, Tan Chengxu has a detailed understanding of the situation of the sources of pollutants, the treatment of sewage pipe network in Yingchengzi Street, and enterprise's standard-reaching renovation project, etc.,  He also inspects the situation of operation of biochemical reaction pools on the spot and inquires in detail about sewage treatment capacity and water quality targets. He emphasized that making great efforts in the “looking back” rectification of the central ecological and environmental protection supervision is not only a concrete practice of implementing Xi Jinping's thought of ecological civilization, but also a major measure to solve the outstanding environmental problems and improve the ecological environment in our city. All departments at all levels should stand at the height of remembering "Four Consciousness" and practicing "Two Maintenance", take rectification and reform work as an important political responsibility and major political task, annotate loyalty responsibility with the actual effect of rectification and implementation, and to create a good natural environment, living environment and development environment in pollution control and ecological restoration.


Tan Chengxu stressed that relevant areas, departments and responsible units should further strengthen their understanding, raise their positions, take seriously the problems pointed out by the higher authorities, take them in full, formulate measures, and resolutely rectify and reform them. in any way. And there must not be vague and be no coping in any way. It is necessary to highlight the key points, treat both symptoms and causes, enhance the pertinence, science and validity of the water pollution control scheme, and compare with the progress of retrofitting the time node inverted to reach the standard, so as to ensure that the discharge standard can be achieved on schedule. It is necessary to strengthen the management and supervision of industrial point sources, urge the surrounding production enterprises to raise their awareness of environmental protection, fulfill their social responsibilities, and monitor the amount of sewage discharged by enterprises and water quality data in real time through technical means such as on-line monitoring of enterprise sewage discharge to ensure the water quality of wastewater treatment plant up to standard. It is necessary to strengthen the implementation of responsibilities, conduct regular supervision and inspection, seriously investigate for responsibility so as to seriously pursue responsibility for the failure of rectification and reform, especially formalism and bureaucracy in rectification and reform, and to strictly hold them accountable in accordance with discipline and regulations.


Yiqingtao, Secretary-General of the Municipal Government, participated in the activity.