Tan Chengxu: To Insist on Making Inferences by Analogy, Strengthen the Source Management and Control, Govern Comprehensively and Strictly

Yesterday, the Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Mayor, Tan Chengxu, held a special meeting to listen to the investigation on the fire explosion incidents of the automobile trough of Binhai West Road in Xigang District and the report on the special rectification actions in the area of fuel oil filling and gas filling in the city, and arranged the related work. He called on all regions and relevant departments to strengthen the leadership of the organization, increase the strength of law enforcement, and insist on making inferences by analogy, strengthen the source management and control, and crack down on the illegal operation, storage, transportation and other activities of fuel oil and gas according to the law. He said that it was necessary to comprehensively investigate and rectify the safety hazards of the city's fuel oil-filling and gas-filling industry, further strengthen the safety management of oil and gas enterprises, resolutely curb all kinds of accidents, and build a law-abiding operated, safe and ordered market pattern.


After listening to the work report of the police and safety supervision department, Tan Chengxu said that the fire explosion incident of the automobile trough of Binhai West Road was a wake-up call to us. All localities and departments concerned must profoundly learn lessons from it, make inferences by analogy, carry out responsibility and intensify measures. To focus on idle vacant land, construction sites, shanty towns, urban-rural junctions, urban villages, and highways at all levels, carry out the carpet-type and pull-net type inspections to achieve full coverage, no dead ends, no blind spots, and completely banned illegal fuel oil-filling and gas-filling stations with a "zero tolerance" attitude. It is necessary to seriously investigate and punish the suspect in the fire explosion incidents of the automobile trough of Binhai West Road, dig out the wire-puller of illegal fuel oil-filling and gas-filling stations, dispel the protective umbrella and break the chain of interest to form a high-pressure shock situation. To adhere to the problem-oriented, adhere to treat both the symptoms and the root causes, and resolutely block the purchase channels of illegal fuel oil-filling and gas-filling stations; Through the information monitoring platform, we strictly supervise the transportation and operation of fuel oil and gas transportation enterprises in our city, seriously investigate and deal with foreign vehicles that sell fuel oil and gas in our city without permission. It is necessary to increase the track inspection of illegal fuel oil-filling and gas-filling stations, and resolutely prevent resurgence. We should listen to the suggestion of taxi industry widely, rationally plan and build gas-filling stations, effectively alleviate the contradiction between supply and demand of the market.


Tan Chengxu requested that while severely cracking down on illegal operations, storage, transportation of gas and fuel, and other activities, we should also strengthen the safety supervision of the city's fuel oil-filling and gas-filling stations, strengthen safety inspection on the transportation and management activities of fuel gas transport enterprises. We should urge enterprises to earnestly implement the main responsibility of safety production, strictly implement the safety production responsibility system for the whole staff, implement the safety production measures so as to effectively improve the prevention and control capacity of the accident and the level of safety and security.