The Football Development Forum Was Held in Our City

On October 26, the football development forum in our city was held at the Bangguo Island Hotel. Du Zhaocai, deputy director of the State Sports General Administration and party secretary of the Chinese Football Association, and Tan Chengxu, deputy secretary of Municipal Party Committee and the mayor, attended the meeting and spoke. Wen Xueqiong, the vice mayor and Yi Qingtao, Secretary General of the Municipal Government attended.


At the symposium, Wang Jianlin, chairman of Wanda Group, Li Xiaoyong, chairman of Guotou Group, Li Fengzhe, chairman of Chanjoy Group, Qu Jianchun, president of Hongyuan Group, Zhou Jun, general manager of Dalian Yifang Football Club, Wei Wei, general manager of Quanjian Club, Gai Zengjun, representative of football coaches, men and women athletes representatives-- Qin Sheng and Li Dongna, Wang Youtai, president of the Municipal Football Association, Zhang Jiashu, president of the Municipal Football Fans Association, Wang Weimin, representative of news media, and  Wang Zuokai, principal of Northeast Road Primary School, spoke respectively. It seemed that everyone's words were not so straightforward, and gave advice kindly and to the point. While talking about the development, everyone spoke with confidence. Some suggestions were put forward by them on supporting the development of professional football clubs, the construction of comprehensive football venues, the development of youth football and the building of football culture.


In his speech, Du Zhaocai said that Dalian is the foundation of China's football development and a treasure house of football talents. In addition, Dalian has a long history and deep mass foundation, and has made outstanding contributions to the development of China's football cause. The holding of this symposium fully reflects the confidence and determination of Dalian Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government to fully implement the decision-making plan of the CPC Central Committee and State Council on developing sports and revitalizing football, and to promote football reform and development.


Du Zhaocai hoped that Dalian will thoroughly study and implement a series of important instructions from General Secretary Xi Jinping on the reform and development of China's football, under the guidance of the Overall Plan for the Reform and Development of China's Football, deepen the reform of youth training in an all-round way, increase support for professional clubs, vigorously develop social football, deepen international exchanges and cooperation, and become a leader and model in the development of football reform and take the lead in the country. At the meeting, the relevant responsible comrades of the Provincial Sports Bureau put forward good suggestions for the reform and development of football in our city.


Tan Chengxu thanked the State Sports General Administration, the Chinese Football Association, the Provincial Sports Bureau and all sectors of society for their concern, support and help for the development of Dalian's sports cause, and thanked the participants and representatives for telling the truth, speaking the actual situation and giving good advice, planning and giving ideas for Dalian's football reform and development. Tan Chengxu said that Dalian has a deep football background and culture. Football has been deeply integrated into the blood of the city and has become an integral part of the life of most Dalian citizens. Dalian football embodies the spirit of "indomitable fighting, being aggressive and never giving up", which has become the connotation of the city.


In the speech, Tan Chengxu said that, at present, we should clearly recognize the shortcomings of Dalian's football developments, see the gap between us and advanced regions, scientifically analyze the basic conditions and advantages of Dalian's football, and grasp the opportunities and meet the challenges based on the current and long-term perspective. We should thoroughly implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important directive spirit on sports work, especially football reform and development, in accordance with the " Overall Plan for China's Football Reform and Development" and the work plan of the State Council's Forum on Football Reform and Development, further emancipate our minds, strengthen exchanges and cooperation with developed football countries and regions, organically combine " inviting in" with " going out", pay more attention to the construction of youth training system, and do a good job in the planning and construction of football venues. We should formulate policies and measures to support the development of the football industry, improve the investment mechanism, increase support, create a good social environment and jointly polish the city card "Dalian Football".


Tan Chengxu asked the relevant departments to carefully sort out the opinions and suggestions put forward by everyone and to incorporate them into the guiding opinions on the reform and development of the football industry being formulated in a targeted manner so as to continue to work hard for a long time, comprehensively promote the reform and development of football in our city and improve the overall level of football.