Tan Chengxu Led the Party and Government Delegation of Dalian to Chaoyang City to Study and Research

On October 24 and 25, Tan Chengxu, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and mayor, led the Party and Government Delegation of Dalian to Chaoyang City to study and research. The two cities held a symposium on counterpart assistance and "enclave economy" to thoroughly study and implement a series of important speeches by general secretary Xi Jinping on poverty alleviation and development, fully implement the spirit of promoting "enclave economy" on-site conference in Liaoning province, discuss the new mode of cooperation between the two cities and further promote counterpart assistance. Tan Chengxu attended and spoke, Jian Biao, secretary of Chaoyang Municipal Party Committee and director of Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, and Gao Wei, the mayor, attended and spoke. Qu Fucong, leader of Chaoyang City, attended the meeting. Dalian Sanhuan Group signed cooperation agreements with Chaoyang Farm Group, Han Wei Group and Kazuo County Government.


At the symposium, Tan Chengxu, on behalf of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, congratulated Chaoyang City on its achievements in construction and development in recent years.  He said that Dalian and Chaoyang have 18 years of counterpart assistance relationship, and long-term cooperation in various fields such as industrial investment, tourism, science and technology, education, medical care and personnel, etc. Till now, we have achieved remarkable results. We will earnestly implement the deployment requirements of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, do everything Dalian can to help Chaoyang, one step at a time and one stair at a time, and complete the counterpart assistance work more thoroughly, steady, and effectively..


Tan Chengxu said that Chaoyang Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government took the development of "enclave economy" as a key measure to revitalize Chaoyang and break through its limit of northwest Liaoning, and vigorously implemented the development strategy of "enclave economy" in villages and towns, and achieved phased results. A lot of experience and practices are worth learning from. Dalian Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government will work together to develop the "enclave economy" as the starting point to promote the further development of counterpart assistance and resolutely complete the important political tasks entrusted to us by the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government. 


For the important political tasks, Tan Chengxu put forward three suggestions on the "enclave economy" cooperation between the two cities. Firstly, we will develop a "two - way" enclave economy mode, establish an "enclave economy" cooperation mechanism, and promote the transfer of related industries between the two cities according to the common needs of both sides. The second is "relatively concentrated and multi-point development", while creating a number of "enclave economy" industrial clusters with scale, competitiveness and distinctive features, giving full play to the carrier role of the existing parks in the two cities and undertaking the transfer of industrial projects in the two cities according to their industrial characteristics. The third is to consider the structural relationship between the first, second and third industries as a whole and to develop the "enclave" agricultural economy, industrial economy and service economy according to the industrial advantages of the two cities. 


Jian Biao, on behalf of Chaoyang Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, thanked Dalian for its selfless assistance over the years. He said that Dalian has given us strong support in poverty alleviation and development, industrial development, investment promotion and capital introduction, and talent exchange, fully demonstrating Dalian people's deep friendship for Chaoyang people. It is hoped that the two cities will continue to strengthen cooperation in such areas as industrial transfer and achieve mutual benefit and win-win result, and develop hand in hand with the main point of "enclave economy". 


During his stay in Chaoyang City, the Party and Government Delegation of Dalian visited Liaoning Tianying Biotechnology Service Co., Ltd。