Dalian Held a Mobilization and Deployment Meeting for Traffic Environment "Lighting" 100-day Action

Strengthening the construction of urban traffic environment is related to the overall situation of revitalization and development. It is also related to the vital interests of the people. It is an important guarantee for the healthy operation of the city. On October 23, our city held a mobilization and deployment meeting about traffic environment "Lighting" 100-day action. The mayor Tan Chengxu attended and made a speech. He stressed that all regions and departments must profoundly understand the significance of carrying out the "100-day action", effectively unify their thoughts and actions to the decision-making and deployment of the municipal party committee and the municipal government, and strive to achieve the action objectives of  "one clean, two clear, three improvement". We will comprehensively improve road traffic management capabilities and road traffic levels, and strive to create a safe, orderly, civilized and smooth road traffic environment, and continuously enhance the sense of happiness, gain and security of the general public.


In order to comprehensively rectify the road traffic illegal behavior in our city, the municipal party committee and the municipal government decided to organize the "Lighting" 100-day action of the urban road and street traffic environment from October 23 to February next year. We will take measures such as treating both the symptoms and the root causes, and developing both management and construction. We will basically solve the outstanding traffic problems, clean up the irregular traffic signs, clear the illegal occupation of pedestrian walkways, and improve the quality of go and stop in the main roads, the governance level of the city appearance and the citizens' awareness of civilization and law-abiding. For this aspect, Tan Chengxu pointed out that the "Lighting" 100-day action of the traffic environment is an urgent need to ensure the continued stability of the city's safe production situation, deepen the construction of civilized cities, and comprehensively optimize the construction of business environment. All departments at all levels should be aware of the problems and weak links in the road traffic safety work in the city, insist on the problem-oriented and goal-oriented, highlight key points, take precise measures, and try our best to do a good job in comprehensive improvement of road traffic safety.


Tan Chengxu emphasized that it is necessary to insist on laying the foundation first, increasing the construction of transportation infrastructure, rationally optimize the urban public transportation network, and make overall plans for road traffic engineering construction. We must persist in promoting prevention by cracking down on illegal activities, punishing traffic violations in accordance with the law, resolutely sweeping traffic violations, and effectively protect law enforcement rights and interests through comprehensive measures. We must persist in early warning and prevention, carry out safety hazards and risk point investigation and management, fill a batch of historical debts, and comprehensively consolidate the traffic safety foundation. We must adhere to normalized governance, persist in establishing a long-term mechanism for traffic environmental governance, immobilize mature experience and methods in time, and ensure the results of the "100-day action" are permanent and normalized.


Tan Chengxu demanded that all regions and departments take a strong political responsibility and a responsible attitude towards urban development, strengthen organization and guidance, pay close attention to the implementation of responsibilities, strengthen division of labor and cooperation, widely publicity and education, and resolutely win the tough battle of "Lighting" 100-day action of the traffic environment.


During the meeting, deputy mayor Yang Yaowei explained the "Work Plan for the ‘Lighting’ 100-day action of the urban road and street traffic environment in Dalian". And Yang Guangzhi, the director of Changxing Island Economic Zone Management Committee, also attended the meeting