Tan Chengxu visited Huludao city and Jinzhou city, the "three regions" cities of the province, to study and research.

To implement the spirit of the joint conference held by municipal mayors and party secretaries of six cities in Liaoning coastal economic belt, and according to the requirements of two documents issued by provincial party committee and provincial government, namely Plan on provincial leaders to contact "three regions" cities and Shen Fu new districts and Notice on adjusting and improving contact, guidance and leading role of provincial leaders in relevant work, Tan Chengxu, the vice municipal party secretary and mayor, visited Huludao city and Jinzhou city to study and research yesterday. He respectively attended Dalian - Huludao and Dalian -Jinzhou coastal economic belt development and construction forums, which thoroughly implement the spirit of important speeches made by General Secretary Xi Jinping during his visit to Liaoning and at the symposium on the rejuvenation of the northeast, study and explore ideas and measures for speeding up the development of the coastal economic belt, strengthen cooperation to overcome difficulties, accelerate coordinated development, and jointly push the development and opening-up of the coastal economic belt to a higher level.


Tan Chengxu visited Huludao Bochuan Heavy Industry Co., LTD, Liaoning Zhongwang Group’s Huludao Aluminum Industrial Park and Jinzhou Sunshine Maodi New Energy Co., LTD, Wande Vehicle Electrical Industrial Park, Binhai State E-commerce Demonstration Base to study and research. He thought highly of successful experiences and practices on the deep civil-military integration, carrying on the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Industry Transfer, state-owned enterprises reform promoted by Huludao government, and strengthening urban construction and management, promoting the development of photovoltaic industry and e-commerce sector by Jinzhou government. These experiences and practices deserve being earnestly learned by Dalian.


At the symposiums, Tan Chengxu put forward three suggestions on making full use of the platform of coordinated development of six Liaoning coastal cities and strengthening Dalian’s cooperation in key areas with Huludao city and Jinzhou city.  Firstly, we should stick to the reform and opening up, together integrate into the "the Belt and the Road" construction, strengthen the cooperation with cities in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and Bohai Rim to build a new pattern of economic cooperation and development, together to promote all-round opening to the outside world. Secondly, we should maintain the interactions between port cities, develop port industries, improve port development, and jointly establish a port cluster in Liaoning. Thirdly, we should adhere to the guidance of policies and make good use of national policies. We should jointly formulate policies and measures that are conducive to the formation of a unified market, the rational allocation and flow of resources, and the "group-type" development, and coordinately create an excellent environment for development.


In his speech, Tan Chengxu pointed out that Dalian and Huludao should strengthen exchanges and cooperation on a larger scale, in a wider field and at a higher level in accordance with the principles of market demand, industry priority, key breakthroughs, and first ease and then difficulty, so as to build the "two-first region" and a central hub of cooperation in the northeast Asia. We should stick to the three-year objective, promote the development of scientific and technological innovation system in Dalian and Jinzhou, promote the development of real economy in the two cities, and advance the development and opening up of the Liaoning coastal economic belt to a new level through pragmatic and effective cooperation.


When presiding over the symposium, Wang Jian, municipal party secretary of Huludao city, said that Huludao will study the successful experience of Dalian in construction and development, deepen the exchanges and cooperation between the two cities, and take advantage of the situation to jointly promote the development and opening-up of the Liaoning coastal economic belt. Wang Dejia, municipal party secretary of Jinzhou city, said that Jinzhou will establish a more extensive and in-depth long-term cooperation mechanism with Dalian to promote deep cooperation in industrial cooperation, investment attraction and other areas, and jointly promote the prosperity and development of the Liaoning coastal economic belt.


Zhang Haiping, Hu Wei, leaders of Huludao city, and Yu Xueli, An Jinxiang, leaders of Jinzhou city, participated in the activity.