Tan Chengxu chaired the meeting of rectification scheduling based on the feedback from central environmental protection inspection and national marine

Yesterday, mayor Tan Chengxu chaired the meeting of rectification scheduling based on the feedback from Central environmental protection inspection and national marine inspection, in which participants thoroughly studied and implemented President Xi’s thought on ecological civilization, listened to the rectification progress according to feedback from central environmental protection inspection and national marine inspection, and the current existing problems. The meeting arranged the task plan of the next phase, and fully mobilized to prepare for the "look back" supervision of central environmental protection inspection. Yang Guangzhi, Director of Changxing Island Economic Zone Management Committee, attended the meeting.


The specific problems in the rectification are as follows: the construction and upgrading of sewage treatment plants, the rectification of small coal-fired boilers, the relocation of residents in the first-grade water source protection zone, the renovation of informal landfills, and the rehabilitation of groundwater. At the meeting, Tan Chengxu, together with the main leaders of relevant authorities of the district, county, municipal government, Dalian Maritime Court and Dalian Port Group, analyzed the causes of these problems one by one, formulated solutions, and specified the accountable areas and departments.He urged all of us to further unify our ideological understanding, improve our political awareness, adhere to the problem orientation and goal orientation, work hard  without conditions and discount. We should make efforts in line with plans and figure out schedule reversely to ensure that the responsibility, task and time limit are all clear, so as to achieve resolute, comprehensive and complete rectification. We should adhere to the principle of seeking truth from facts and mate words with deeds, and never allow superficial, false and perfunctory rectification, but steadfast rectification.For the rectification tasks that have been completed, strict supervision should be conducted to prevent the problems from resurfacing. For the ongoing rectification tasks, we should focus on the time nodes to ensure timely completion. For the task of lagging behind schedule, we need to dig deeply into the root causes and correct the situation, speed up the process, and ensure that rectification of the high standards can be completed on schedule.


Tan Chengxu stressed that all departments at all levels should take rectification as a major political task, important people's livelihood projects, the key work, and a real test of political responsibilities for government and leading cadres at all levels. The rectification should be implemented with the highest standard, the most stringent requirements, the most effective measures, the best results. Leaders at all levels should carry out the rectification in person, listen to reports regularly, conduct in-depth field research, and ensure the awareness of the basic situation, and actively urge the implementation of rectification. Relevant regions and departments should perform their duties, cooperate with each other, and work closely together to form a joint force for rectification, and resolutely eliminate prevarication and passive loafing.Regular scheduling, open and secret inspection shall be adopted to check and verify the progress of rectification on site, accurately control the progress, and firmly prevent the delaying and falseness of rectification. We should strengthen communication with relevant departments at higher levels, and report and feedback work information in a timely manner. We should give full play to the role of supervision and assessment as wind vane and baton, increase assessment accountability, and force the implementation of responsibilities, tasks, measures, and effects, so as to ensure that all rectification can be completed in full and high quality.