Tan Chengxu presided the meeting in government to implement Xi Jinping’s exposition on regional work and promote ecological civilization construction

On October 20th, the municipal government presided the 16th excusive meeting of the 23rd meeting to learn from General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on religious work, to hear reports on the work of ethnic religions in the city, and to deploy related work. Redeploy and push forward all the work to promote the construction of ecological civilization in our city. Mayor Tan Chengxu presided over the meeting and spoke, the leader of the municipal goverment, Wen Xueqiong, Hao Ming, Yang Yaowei, Luo Dongsheng, Jin Guowei, the director of the Changxing Island Economic Zone Management Committee, Yang Guangzhi, and the secretary-general of municipal government Yi Qingtao attended the meeting.


It is pointed out in the meeting that General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on religious work provided a direction and radical principle for the work of religion in the new era. We must have a deep understanding of the significance of religious work in the new era, comprehensively carry out the Party's religious policies, firmly grasp the initiative of religious work, always adhere to the direction of religious sinicization, and better unite religious figures and believers around the Party and the government. We must strengthen the leadership of the national religious work organizations, continuously promote the publicity and education as well as the establishment of work for the progress of national unity to develop deeply, speed up the comprehensive construction of the well-off minority village, and constantly consolidate and develop a good situation of long-term harmony and stability in our national religious work.


The meeting reported the implementation of the special action of "Green Shield" in our city, examined and approved “Central Environmental Protection Inspector and National Marine Supervisor Feedback on the Work Plan of the Regulation and Propulsion” “Implementation of the Reform of the System of Compensation for Ecological Environmental Damage in Dalian City (Draft)” “Work Plan of Air Pollution Prevention and Cure in Autumn and Winter in Dalian”, emphasized that the implementation of Xi Jinping’s ecological civilization thoughts ought to be in accordance with the requirements of “Notification of joint initiatives for ‘2018 Green Shield’ Nature Reserve” issued by seven national ministries.


We must have a deep understanding of the importance and urgency of the supervisor and rectification work, make sure that we are in a position of ideological awareness, reform and implementation, and accountability for discipline, strengthen leadership, careful deployment, focus on issues, make a precise effort, listen to the public opinion, strengthen supervision, seek truth from facts, grasp truth from facts, and accomplish all tasks of rectifications. It is necessary to protect the ecological environment and protect the rights and interests of the people through the establishment of a system of clear responsibility, unobstructed channels, technical norms, guarantee of strength, compensation, and restoration of effective compensation for ecological environmental damage. We must do our best to control dust and forbid burning straw, strengthen source management, control and supervision, and resolutely fight hard against air pollution in autumn and winter.


The meeting heard the results of the special audit investigation on the construction of the rural environment of our city, and demanded that the rural areas and related departments attach great importance to the work of the rectification, define their duties and strict rectification time limits, and put the tasks of the rectification into practice one by one.


The meeting also examined and approved “Implementation Plan of Establishing Urban Domestic Waste Classification and Demonstration Street in Dalian” “Evaluation Method of Urban Domestic Waste Classification in Dalian” “Implementation Plan of Rural Domestic Waste Treatment in Dalian” “Rewards and punishments for the heating period, 2018-2019”, and studied other items.