Tan Chengxu meets with the delegation of the Vietnamese Ministry of Public Security

Yesterday, Surin, member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Vietnamese Communist Party and the Minister of Public Security of Vietnam, led a Vietnamese delegation of the Ministry of Public Security to Dalian for a visit. In the evening, Tan Chengxu, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and mayor, met with the delegation in the Gong Island State Guesthouse.


On behalf of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, Tan Chengxu welcomed the delegation's visit and introduced the economic and social development of the city and the construction of "Safe Dalian". He said that friendly exchanges and economic and trade cooperation between Dalian and Vietnam have been continuously strengthened, and a number of Dalian enterprises have set up offices and branches in Vietnam, and Vietnamese citizens who have studied and lived in Dalian are also increasing year by year. Dalian and Vietnam have great potential for cooperation in business and trade.


He hopes to take the opportunity of the delegation's visit to further deepen the friendly exchanges and cooperation between Dalian and Vietnam and constantly enrich the times connotation of China-Vietnam comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership.


Surin said Dalian has a high profile in Vietnam. The visit will lead everyone to see the beauty and stability of the city, to experience the hospitality of Dalian people, to see the achievements of Dalian's reform and opening up, and to learn valuable experience in urban planning and construction and social management. Surin proposed that Vietnam's Quang Ninh Province establish friendly relations and cooperation with Dalian, and push China-Vietnam comprehensive strategic partnership to a new level through cooperation and exchanges between the regions.


Tang Mingxing, director of the Economic Security Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam, Pei Maojun, director of the Exit and Entry Administration, and Yi Qing, secretary general of the Dalian municipal government, attended the meeting.