CPC Leadership Group of Dalian Municipal Government studies the important spirit of the speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping

On October 7th and 8th, the CPC Leadership Group of Dalian Municipal Government held two consecutive enlarged meetings to study the important spirit of the speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping during the inspection tour in Liaoning and in the in-depth promotion of the Northeast Revitalization Symposium, further emancipate the mind, study and implement the implementation of the government system, and promote the city's economy to achieve high-quality development. Tan Chengxu, Secretary of the CPC Leadership Group of Dalian Municipal Government and mayor, presided over the meeting and delivered a speech. The members of CPC Leadership Group attended the meeting, and deputy mayor Wen Xueqiong attended the meeting as non-voting attendee.


In his speech, Tan Chengxu said that General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech profoundly elaborated the important issues related to the revitalization of northeast China, such as the system and mechanism, development environment and cadre style, and pointed out the direction for the overall revitalization of northeast China in the new era. It is the guide to implement new development concepts, promote high-quality development, and achieve comprehensive revitalization, which further strengthens the confidence and determination to accelerate the revitalization and development. The members of the CPC Leadership Group should raise their political positions, profoundly understand the important significance of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech, and effectively unify their thoughts and actions into the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech. It is crucial to further emancipate the mind, really work hard, and faithfully promote the important speech spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping to be realized in Dalian.


Tan Chengxu pointed out that it is necessary to face the "short board" of the city in terms of system and mechanism, economic structure, open cooperation, ideological concepts, scientific and technological innovation and people's livelihood security, face up to the " gap" between Dalian and similar domestic cities in comprehensive strength, industrial structure, innovation drive and business environment, clarify the problems and focus on key and difficult points, find out the crux accurately, take practical measures to solve the problems as a breakthrough, and move forward step by step to open up a new situation of our city's revitalization and development.


Tan Chengxu emphasized that it is necessary to continue to deepen various reforms based on the optimization of the business environment and to form new development momentum by reforming new breakthroughs. It is necessary to carry out the innovation-driven strategy in depth, take the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry as an important direction, and rely on innovation to make the real economy a reality, stronger and better. It is necessary to deepen regional cooperation in an all-round way, actively engage in major national strategies, build a new pattern of coordinated development, and form a strong synergy to promote revitalization and development. Efforts should be taken to the green development path, consolidate and enhance the advantages of green development, and promote the formation of a low-carbon green industrial structure. Taking the construction of the Dalian Pilot Free Trade Zone as a breakthrough, it chould comprehensively improve the level of trade and investment liberalization and facilitation, and accelerate the construction of Dalian which is more open to the outside world. It must adhere to the people-centered development thought, do a good job in people's livelihood with greater efforts and more practical measures, so that the fruits of revitalization and development can benefit the urban and rural people in a sustainable manner. Through unswervingly and comprehensively administering the party strictly, the political ecology within the party can be purified, and the logical, harmonious and stable atmosphere can be created.


At the meeting, Lu Lin, Wen Xueqiong, Hao Ming, Yang Yaowei, Luo Dongsheng, Jin Guowei and Yi Qingtao shared their learning experience with General Secretary Xi Jinping on the goal and task of " all-round revitalization" and made in-depth thinking on the future development of our city through connecting thoughts and work practices, and put forward many practical ideas and ideas. Tan Chengxu listened carefully to their speeches and held in-depth discussions and exchanges with everyone on relevant issues. He asked the leaders of the municipal government to aim high and concentrate on the strategic issues related to Dalian's development. And it is important to work in a down-to-earth way and work out " good prescriptions" one by one according to the priorities of all kinds of problems so as to act appropriately to the situation and promote Dalian's high-quality development in the new era.