Tan Chengxu: It is necessary to ensure the food safety for the general public

"Food and safety always come as the first". During the National Day holiday, Mayor Tan Chengxu went to some commercial outlets in the city to inspect the food safety supervision. He stressed that it is necessary to thoroughly implement the General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instruction on strengthening food safety, firmly establish the people-centered development thought, and regard food safety as a major political task and livelihood project. And it is necessary to adhere to strict requirements, treat both symptoms and root causes, strengthen the management and monitoring of all aspects of food production, processing, circulation and sales with stricter standards, stricter supervision, stricter punishment and more serious accountability to ensure the food safety for the general public. Municipal Government Secretary-General Yi Qingtao attended the event.


The Dalian cooked food trading hall is bustling and crowded, with many vegetables, fruits, meat and fish. Tan Chengxu had a cordial conversation with market merchants to check the sales of hot foods such as cooked meat products and soy products, and to understand in detail the implementation of the main responsibility for food safety and food purchase control by enterprises. He requested that the rapid testing room located in the lobby should select foods with large daily consumption and high risk as the key subject of rapid inspection, improve the pertinence of the rapid inspection, timely dispose of the unqualified foods, and improve the food safety and quality. Tan Chengxu told the heads of various enterprises to strictly implement the responsibility and measures of food safety management and strengthen quality control, especially to strictly control the source of food materials and make registration, so as to have a source to check and strictly prevent, manage and control food safety risks. Tan Chengxu also put forward specific requirements for fire safety in the hall.


At Hang Lung Plaza, Tan Chengxu came to the dining area on the sixth floor to inspect the kitchen management, transparent kitchens, and the implementation of food safety practices, and asked operators to further strengthen food safety awareness, strictly implement various systems and standards so as to strictly control food safety and ensure that consumers can eat safely.


Tan Chengxu emphasized that the establishment of a national food safety demonstration city requires food production, circulation and sales enterprises to strictly abide by the law, and it requires the due diligence of the regulatory authorities. It is necessary to fully implement the main responsibility and ensure that all systems and measures are implemented in every link and every position. In addition, efforts should be taken to strengthen food safety supervision, further strengthen territorial management responsibility and department supervision responsibility, improve the long-term mechanism of food safety supervision, strengthen food safety management throughout the process from farmland to dining table, so as to comprehensively improve the level of food safety in the city.