Tan Chengxu inspects tourism services and security safeguard in Dalian

A few autumn rains have cooled the weather, but they have not cooled Dalian's tourist fever. The sea, beaches, city streets and seafood continue to attract a large number of Chinese and foreign tourists. According to the city's tourism management department, the number of tourists during the National Day holiday has increased by more than 10% year-on-year. Yesterday, the first day of National Day Golden Week, Mayor Tan Chengxu made a special trip to inspect tourism services and security safeguard in Dalian and called on tour workers working in the first line to firmly establish the concept of " tourists first, safety first", pay attention to work details, eliminate potential safety hazards, strengthen scenic spot management, improve service quality, and create a clean, tidy, safe, orderly and honest holiday environment for tourists. Municipal Government Secretary-General Yi Qingtao attended the event.


At 9am, three cute pandas in the panda hall of the forest zoo were enjoying breakfast with relish, and many parents took their children to various animal venues. Tan Chengxu came to the park monitoring room to check the real-time monitoring situation, inquire about the park's tourist flow and the implementation of safety management measures in detail, and asked park officials to further strengthen the safety safeguard of tourists, animals, equipment, food, vehicles and forest fire prevention, improve various contingency plans for crowded places of activity, and provide high-standard and high-quality reception services so that tourists can have fun and rest assured. Tan Chengxu also asked the company to innovate ideas, develop more tourism products according to market demand, so as to " improve service, increase benefits for enterprises and employees". 


At the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Tan Chengxu inspected the restaurant and the kitchen one after another and came to the central control room to listen carefully to the hotel's safety management, learn about the hotel's fire protection facilities, operation and maintenance in detail, and ask all hotel staff to always attach great importance to and watch out for safety in production, and strictly implement the responsibility system for safety production, so as to conduct in-depth self-inspection and self-correction, eliminate potential safety hazards in time, and do a solid job in fire safety, food safety, personnel safety and reception services.


During the investigation, Tan Chengxu emphasized that is the National Day holiday at the peak of the tourist flow, imposing a heavy workload on the city's travel industry. It is necessary to strengthen leadership, make careful arrangements, compact responsibility, strengthen measures, strictly implement various systems, and conscientiously do a good job in security and visitor service, and strive to achieve the goal of "safety, order, quality, efficiency, and civilization" for holiday tourism, and further enhance Dalian's reputation as the " best tourist city in China".


Tan Chengxu asked relevant departments to step up efforts to rectify the tourism market and resolutely crack down on all kinds of stubborn diseases and disorderly phenomena in the tourism market. And efforts should be taken to do a good job in the construction of tourism project infrastructure and supporting service facilities, improve the tourism public service system, and develop new tourism forms, formats and products so as to promote the sustained and healthy development of tourism in Dalian.