Tan Chengxu presided over a special meeting to further strengthen the supervision of vaccine production and circulation

Tan Chengxu presided over a special meeting to further strengthen the supervision of vaccine production and circulation.


After the Changchun Changsheng Biological Vaccine Case occurred in Jilin Province, the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government attached great importance and made arrangements immediately. Following the special meeting held on July 23rd, Tan Chengxu presided over the meeting again yesterday to convey the spirit of the important instructions given by general secretary Xi Jinping to Jilin Changchun ChangSheng Biological Vaccine Case and premier Li Keqiang's instructions, and listened to the Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission, the Food and Drug Administration and other departments to further strengthen the supervision of vaccine production and circulation in Dalian. Vice Mayor Wen Xueqiong attended the meeting.


Tan Chengxu pointed out that general secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions and premier Li Keqiang's instructions fully reflect the people-centered development thought and the Party Central Committee and the State Council's strong determination to attach great importance to the people's life, health and safety and safeguard the people's interests. It is crucial to conscientiously study and understand, deepen the ideological understanding, always give top priority to the health of the people, take more forceful, effective and targeted measures in accordance with the work arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council and the work requirements of the Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government, with a strong political responsibility and a clear attitude of being highly responsible to the people, effectively carry out the supervision of vaccine production and circulation, and firmly guard the bottom line of vaccine safety.


Tan Chengxu stressed that vaccine enterprises in Dalian should further implement the main responsibility for drug safety, strictly abide by GMP and GSP regulations, and ensure that all production and distribution process data are true, complete and traceable. The Municipal Food and Drug Administration should carry out a thorough investigation of the whole process and chain of raw and auxiliary materials, production, inspection and other links of vaccine production enterprises in line with the principle of “comprehensive investigation, one-by-one investigation and thorough investigation" to further strengthen the supervision and management of vaccine storage and transportation links. The health and family planning department should strengthen the health supervision of the vaccination work so as to ensure that there are no dead corners, no blind areas, and no gaps, and that all vaccines in Dalian are qualified and safe. It is necessary to respond to the concerns of the masses in a timely manner, conscientiously answer questions and doubts, and actively establish a scientific public opinion orientation.


Tan Chengxu asked the relevant government departments to improve their political standing and earnestly perform their duties, always standing in the people's position, firmly following general secretary Xi Jinping's requirements of " the most stringent standards, the most stringent supervision, the most severe punishment, and the most serious accountability", strictly and carefully carrying out all kinds of work, further regulating vaccine production, operation and use, so that at any time supervision cannot be loosened, links cannot be omitted, standards cannot be lowered, law enforcement cannot be soft, and the public medication safety can be protected with practical actions.