Tan Chengxu met with Chairman of the International Bakels Group, ARMIN ULRICH

A few days ago, the mission leaded by the Chairman of the International Bakels Group, ARMIN ULRICH, attend the opening ceremony of BAKELS DALIAN Co Ltd. Yesterday, Mayor Tan Chengxu met with them. Secretary General of the Municipal Government Yi Qingtao, President of Swiss International Investment Co., Ltd. Yu Shanheng, and Chairman of Hong Kong Xianghe Industrial Co., Ltd. Yuan Guoxiong attended the meeting.


The International Bakels Group is one of the world's three largest manufacturers in baking raw material, with production bases or branches in 35 countries and sales networks covering more than 120 countries and regions. Currently, BAKELS DALIAN Co Ltd. is the only production base headquarters in China. Tan Chengxu expressed congratulations on its official launch.


He said that Dalian is the leader in opening up to the outside world in Northeast China. A few days ago, it issued a preferential policy of expanding opening up to the world and actively utilizing foreign capital, aiming at promoting Dalian's new round of high-level opening up to the world and further improving the quality and level of utilizing foreign capital. As they know that when the enterprise is booming, cities are thriving and if entrepreneurs are strong, cities are strong, governments at all levels will stick to the spirit of contracts, create a social atmosphere of caring for enterprises, respecting businesses and valuing businesses, being honest and trustworthy, and mutually beneficial in cooperation, and sincerely support the continuous development of foreign-funded enterprises. It is hoped that BAKELS DALIAN Co Ltd. will seize the opportunities while Dalian is in rapid development to expand the scale of its investment in Dalian and realize win-win development.


ARMIN ULRICH said that the successful operation of BAKELS DALIAN Co Ltd. benefited from the care and support of Dalian municipal governments at all levels. And they will accelerate the construction of the second phase of the project and contribute to Dalian's economic and social development while realizing the rapid development of enterprises.