Tan Chengxu Briefed the Whole Province on the Implementation of the "Service Secretary" Security System in Dalian

Dalian Municipal Party Committee and Dalian Municipal Government thoroughly implemented the province's special actions of “focusing on actions, strengthening implementation and highlighting achievements”, continuously optimized the business environment, equipped with " service secretary" in the process of promoting the landing of major investment projects, designated special personnel to take charge of the project and strived to landed the project of “Last Mile”. At present, a number of major projects such as Refining and Chemical Integration of Hengli Petrochemical and Intel Phase II have made significant progress. In the first five months of this year, the city's fixed asset investment increased by 22.4% year-on-year. Yesterday, Tan Zuojun, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, attended the conference at the Dalian branch of the video teleconference on optimizing the business environment in the whole province. The mayor Tan Chengxu made an exchange speech on the implementation of the “Service Secretary” guarantee system in Dalian.


At the meeting, Tan Chengxu introduced three measures to implement the “Service Secretary” security system taken in Dalian. Firstly, the responsibilities are clear and the positioning is accurate. Dalian formulated the Implementation Plan for Establishing a "Service Secretary" Security System in Dalian and established a working mechanism for personnel selection, work responsibilities and management evaluation of " service secretary".  It also clearly defined the positioning of " service secretary" and the two major functions of “full-time tracking” and “active assistance”. Secondly, adhering to dynamic supervision and ensuring the whole-process monitor. Establishing large project ledgers, developing personalized solutions and setting node tasks on a monthly basis helped to achieve “one project, one leader, one team, one schedule”. The government supervision visual platform supervised the implementation of the whole process of " service secretary" with the “traffic light” management. It strengthened project scheduling, implemented “monthly reconciliation, quarterly account, and general account at the end of the year”. It took monthly review of the progress of the construction of large projects, and reported on the completion of the tasks of various departments and regional nodes at the municipal government executive meeting.


Thirdly, sticking to the problem-oriented and effective results. The " service secretary" shall coordinate with various departments to solve problems that can be solved in different regions by the two-level linkage of the urban areas. Problems that need to be solved at the municipal level and above shall be reported by the " service secretary" and supervised by the municipal government. Particularly, for some commissioning problems in Hengli Petrochemical Project caused by the lagging construction of some key equipment transportation and pipeline matching, an “enhanced Service Secretary” is formed to be fully responsible for promoting, coordinating traffic, traffic police, ports, safety supervision and other departments, carefully analyzing, stripping cocoons, and cooperating in operations. At present, the crude oil imported from the first ship of Hengli Refining & Chemical has been unloaded at the port, and the device starts to enter the countdown.


Tan Chengxu said that the Dalian Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government will follow the work plan of the Provincial Party committee and the Provincial Government and learn from the good experience of the brother cities and strive to create a first-class business environment so as to take the lead in Liaoning's opening up and revitalization.