Tan Chengxu: Keep an Eye on the Target Task, Strengthen Implementation, and Create a Harmonious Ecological Environment

Yesterday, the mayor Tan Chengxu conducted the inspection of the river patrolling as the general supervisor of Dalian. He checked the comprehensive improvement of the water environment on the spot and redeployed the reservoir safety flood prevention work. He stressed that governments at all levels should further improve their political standing, thoroughly implement Xi Jinping's thought of ecological civilization and the spirit of the national conference on ecological and environmental protection to firmly establish the concept of green development, persist in problem-oriented manner and conduct pressure at all levels. By keeping a close eye on the objectives and strengthening the implementation, it can make a solid fight against water pollution and create a harmonious ecological environment featuring beautiful landscape.


Tan chengxu successively visited Quanshui River control project site and Malan river saddle section to learn more about water body control, river management and the implementation of supervisor system and listen to the comprehensive management situation of Chunliu River, Zhoushui River, northern branch of Zhoushui River, Lingshui River, and Dahuaming River. He pointed out that all regions should make the full implementation of the supervisor system as an important test to firmly establish the Four Consciousnesses, as a conscious action to implement Xi Jinping's ecological civilization thought, and as a practical measure to implement the people-centered development thought. In accordance with the overall requirements of putting working plan, organization system and responsibility, relevant systems and policies and measures, supervision, inspection and assessment in place, all regions should earnestly implement the rules of supervisor system and then explore their own ways in combination with the actual situation, so as to truly fulfill the duty of guarding, protecting and governing the river.


Tan Chengxu emphasized that all regions should establish the red line thinking and face up to contradictions and problems. Starting from the aspects of water resources, water safety, water environment, water ecology, water coastline and law enforcement and supervision, all regions should ensure that all work measures are accurate and effective with adhering to the principals of acting to circumstance and addressing both the symptoms and root causes, so as to effectively safeguard the health of urban water systems. On the basis of water environmental governance, they must extensively solicit the opinions and suggestions of surrounding residents, adjust measures to local conditions, and do a good job of greening and beautifying the surrounding rivers to create a unique coastline landscape and further improve the overall ecological environment of the river course.


In Great Xishan Reservoir, Tan Chengxu listened carefully to the report on reservoir management and flood prevention preparations. He stressed that everyone should base himself on the prevention of major floods resolutely overcome paralysis, lax mood and fluke psychology, and implement various measures strictly in accordance with the flood control work plan so as to be on the safe side. In addition, it should pay close attention to changes in rain and water conditions, strengthen on-duty inspections during flood season, focus on key issues and take various measures simultaneously to realize scientific prevention and control, clear responsibilities, sufficient materials and personnel in place, and ensure the implementation of all flood control work.