Tan Chengxu Led Dalian Delegation to Carry out Economic and Trade Exchange Activities in the Yangtze River Delta region

On June 22nd and 23rd, Mayor Tan Chengxu led Dalian delegation to carry out economic and trade exchange activities in the Yangtze River Delta region, he promoted Dalian's development advantages and potential, butted up major projects that fit the city's industrial development, further deepened practical cooperation between Dalian and enterprises in the Yangtze river delta region through visiting and other forms to share new opportunities of Dalian’s development.


On September 22, Tan Chengxu visited the Eastern Airlines Group to conduct in-depth exchanges with the general manager of the group, Ma Xulun, on issues such as the development of Dalian aviation market. Tan Chengxu expressed his gratitude to CEA for its contribution to Dalian's economic development. He hoped that the two sides will develop new areas of cooperation, seek new cooperation points, and work together to build an international shipping center in Northeast Asia to achieve mutual benefit and win-win cooperation. Ma Xulun said that Eastern Airlines is highly concerned about the development of the Dalian aviation market, will continue to increase capacity, launch new routes at a proper time, promote the construction of hub airports in Northeast Asia, and strengthen cooperation in tourism product development and other aspects at the same time. During the visit to China Commercial Aircraft Co., Ltd., Tan Chengxu and Zhao Yuerang, vice chairman of the company, held discussions. The two parties reached consensus on further cooperation in the fields of aircraft assembly, new material research and development, and manufacturing. Tan Chengxu also came to the Wison Group and had a talk  with the chairman of the group, Hua Bangsong on specific matters relating to the Group’s investment project in the petrochemical industrial base of Changxing Island(Nishinakajima). He said that all departments of the municipal government will strengthen the spirit of the contract and stay committed to promises and sincerely support the development of the enterprise.


Yesterday morning, he came to the headquarters of the Hengli Group in Suzhou and cordially exchanged views with the Chairman and President of the Group, Chen Jianhua and asked in detail about the issues that need to be solved by the government departments in the process of the constant 20-million-ton refinery integration project. Chen Jianhua said that with the support and help of various government departments, the project is progressing in an orderly manner. Tan Chengxu hoped that the Hengli Group would meticulously organize the construction to ensure the safety and quality of the project and ensure the completion and commissioning as scheduled.


At the CETC-Jiacheng Group Integrated Operation Management Center, Tan Chengxu listened to relevant briefings and witnessed the signing of the cooperation agreement with Chairman of CETC You Xiaoming for the construction of the Jinpu New District Smart City Operation Management Center. Tan Chengxu also came to the Tongkun Group and exchanged opinions with the Group Chairman Chen Shiliang on specific issues in investment cooperation projects and reach a broad consensus.


Meanwhile, Tan Chengxu also met with met with more than 20 Chinese and foreign guests, including Bi Wei, acting minister counsellor of the International Trade Department of the British Embassy in China, Zhang Guozheng, chairman of the board of the Asia-Pacific region of DTZ, and Ding Zuohong, board chairman of Yuexing Group.