Tan Chengxu Attended the Signing Ceremony of Strategic Cooperation Agreement

Yesterday, China Orient Asset Management Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Japanese Orix Group.Mr Tam, the mayor, was present at the signing ceremony held at the state guesthouse and met with Wu Yue, chairman of the Orient Asset Group, and Fu Gu, senior managing director of Orix Group.Yi qingtao, secretary general of the municipal government, attended the signing and meeting activities.


Tan Chengxu expressed his congratulations on the successful cooperation between Oriental Assets and ORIX. He said that finance is the bloodline of the modern economy and that Dalian's economic and social development cannot be separated from the strong financial support.It is hoped that both sides will use this as an opportunity to complement each other, share resources, deepen cooperation, focus on the actual development of Dalian, innovate financial products, expand business areas, better serve the development of Dalian's real economy, and promote the construction of Dalian's regional financial center.Tan Chengxu said that the municipal government will continue to create a favorable environment for the development of companies such as Orient Assets and Orix and other domestic and foreign financial institutions.


During the signing ceremony, Dalian Financial Industry Investment Group Co., Ltd., signed strategic cooperation agreements with Orient Asset Liaoning Branch, Zhuhai Dongju Joint Capital Management Co., Ltd., Dalian Bank Co., Ltd., and Dalian Branch of China Joint Insurance Co., Ltd., and Dongxing Securities Co., Ltd., respectively