Tan Chengxu Meets with Chinese and Foreign Guests Attending the China International Software and Information Service Fair

On June 12th, Mayor Tan Chengxu met with Noam DePaul, Vice President of Global Customer Operations Department of Cisco Corporation and Bryant Arthur, a distinguished scholar from the Santa Fe Institute who are attending the China International Software and Information Service Fair. Yi Qingtao, the secretary general of the municipal government, attended the meeting.


Tan Chengxu welcomed the visiting group leaded by Noam DePaul, he expressed that Dalian software and information service industry has gone from strength to strength with the twenty-year striving, making it a pioneering industrial development. Moreover, The guiding ideology, development objectives, key directions and major tasks for the next 10 years have been determined, and a series of policies and measures that are more accurate, practical, and high in gold content have been formulated to promote the second take-off of software and information services. In mid-May, the Dalian delegation visited Cisco's Silicon Valley headquarters in the United States and conducted exchange of views on deepening cooperation and reached a consensus.  It is hoped that Cisco, based on the existing cooperation, will actively expand new fields  regard Dalian as an incubator for innovations and development.


Noam DePaul said that this year marks the 10th anniversary of the establishment of Cisco Dalian, and that Cisco will further expand the field of cooperation, even in the development of more high-end business, contributing to the the development of Dalian IT industry and the construction of a smart city.


On the same day, Tan Chengxu also met with Li Jiang, Microsoft China Chief Technology Officer, Xu Yulin, Senior Vice President of iFLYTEK, Si Xueming, Professor of School of Computer Science and Technology, Fudan University and the China computer Federation block chain special Committee, Xie Ruigeng, the strategic partner of the Leanone Angels Community, and Deng Qin, the director of the IBM Electronics Manufacturing Industry.