Tan Chengxu Delivered A Keynote Speech In 2018 Global Software and Information Service Summit Forum

Yesterday, 2018 Global Software and Information Service Summit Forum themed on “Open, Integration and Sharing ” was held in Dalian World Expo Center. Tan Chengxu, mayor of Dalian City, delivered a keynote speech named “Strive Ahead for Two Decades and Usher In A New Era” to state Dalian’s thought and policy path of intelligence times. He expressed that Dalian will held inclusive and tolerant development concept to cooperate with friends both at home and abroad for win-win profits. Besides, it shall gather the most advanced thought and technology as well as the most creative talents and enterprise in Dalian, the innovative and creative fertile filed, so as to achieve another prosperity for Dalian software and information service industry.

Tan Chengxu comprehensively summarized the achievements gained by Dalian software and information service industry. He said that reviewing last two-decade development course, we both gained hardship exploration, hard-won achievements and valuable successful experiences, and clearly self-reflected the weakness, restraining factors and inescapable severe challenge. In this “Open, Integration and Sharing ” intelligence era, with opening up of policy and data, it will definitely promote the integration of cross industry and field as well as data sharing of digital and intelligent society. Therefore, we issued “Dalian Software and Information Service Industry 2028 Action Schema” to clarify future decade guiding thought, development target, emphasis and main tasks. Besides, we formulated “Supporting Policies for Development of Dalian Software and Information Service” to strongly fuel the timely realization of future decade development target.

Strive ahead for two decades and usher in a new era. Tan Chengxu expressed that Dalian will speed up to promote the optimization and adjustment of industrial structure and scale advantage, deeply integration of software industry and real economy, advancement towards new-generation information and technology field, as well as the implementation series of practical and valuable policy measures, so as to build Dalian as a famous software city with strong international competitiveness.