Tan Zuojun and Tan Chengxu Met Delegation of CEEC

On June 9, invited by Liaoning Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, the delegation of CEEC including 20 members leaded by Porozhanov, the ambassador of Bulgaria to China, visited Dalian City. In the eventing, Tan Zuojun, member of provincial standing Party committee and director of municipal Party committee, together with Tan Chengxu, deputy director of municipal Party committee and mayor of Dalian City, met the delegation in Furama Hotel. Shenxin, director of Chinese people's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries Eurasian Department, together with municipal leaders Xiong Boli and Jin Guowei, attended the meeting.

Tan Zuojun and Tan Chengxun expressed welcome to the visit of CEEC delegation and briefly introduced the economic and social development of Dalian. They stated that the central and eastern Europe countries were all important countries along “one belt one road”. Dalian, the window of northeast China opening to the outside world, attached importance to the cooperation with central and eastern Europe countries. We really hoped that we could enhance mutual understanding and strengthen the cooperation in trade, culture, tourism and education areas. Welcome each guest to actively participate into the construction of “China, Central and Eastern Europe 16+1” economic and trade cooperation demonstration area, so as to make the “one belt one road” to be the roads of trade, culture and friendship.

Porozhanov expressed gratitude to Dalian for his warm and friendly reception. He said that the rapid development and beautiful city scene have left deep impression on them, which would be a good memory definitely. There was great potential for the cooperation between Dalian and CEEC. We really hoped that the further exchange can be enhanced, so as to advance the cooperation in trade and culture and gain great achievements.